January 25, 2021

Stephanie Mills' Special Needs Son Farad Smiles Posing near Advertisement Showing His Mom's Pic

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Talented American singer Stephanie Mills warmed her fans' hearts with a cute image of her special needs son Farad, posing next to her picture.

Stephanie Mills burst into the American music scene in the 70s as a teenager with talent, beauty, and passion. Several awards and nominations have marked her out as a star in her time.

Despite being an incredible performer, there is something Mills cherishes more than anything else, and that's being a mom to her son Farad. The beautiful diva loves to be a doting mom.

Stephanie Mills attends SiriusXM's Town Hall on October 26, 2015. | Photo: Getty Images


Farad, a special needs son, is all Mills needed to add a spark into her life. The devoted mom loves to decorate her social media pages with pictures of her cute son.

A recent photo of Farad smiling heartily was enough to get fans emotional. Mills shared the picture on Instagram showing a happy-faced Farad smiling happily while posing next to an advertisement with his mom's photo.


The 63-year-old revealed from the caption of the post that on their way to their hotel, Farad got excited when he saw her picture on an advert sign. The single mom was of course elated and gushed over her son's love.

Mills also has another passion: being a die-hard Beyoncé fan.


This picture is one of the many times Mills has taken to social media to showcase her bundle of joy. On his 19th birthday, The "The Wiz" star spared no dime and went all out to express her love for Farad in a lengthy Instagram post.

In the post, the mom of one said that Farad changed her perspective about life forever. She further spoke about being criticized for having a child at 45 but tagged it as one of her best decisions.


Mills concluded that having Farad made her realize how strong she was. Because of this, she has often spoken about how being a caregiver has made her better.

The 63-year-old revealed that she wants to encourage other parents, especially those in Black communities, not to be ashamed of their children with Down syndrome.


Besides being a doting mom and a fantastic singer, Mills also has another passion: being a die-hard Beyoncé fan. She once took her love for Queen Bey to another level when she called out Nicole Curran on Instagram. 

Mills called Curran out for leaning over Beyoncé during an NBA game to ask Jay-Z a question. Although fans were not so impressed with her making a mountain out of a molehill, they could understand her sentiments when it comes to Beyoncé.

This shows just a glimpse of how much Mills would defend her son if there is ever a need to, as she clearly does not joke around with those she loves.