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Daily Joke: Little Boy Tries to Read the Bible

Busayo Ogunjimi
Jan 28, 2021
06:15 P.M.
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A little boy opened his family's old bible as he attempted to read it and became lost as he turned the book's pages, fascinated by what he saw.


Children are inquisitive, and their curiosity can lead them to try new things now and then. Sometimes, they get into trouble for their attempts, while other times, they learn something new.

In today's joke, a little boy's curiosity led him to his family's old bible, and when he opened it to read, something hilarious happened. Here it goes.

Boy listening to the teacher | Photo: Pexels


A little boy was with his mother when he noticed the big, old family bible on the table. The boy moved over to where the bible lay and picked it up to read.

As he turned the old book's pages, he looked at it with so much fascination. As the boy continued reading, something fell out from between the bible's pages.

A boy at school. | Photo: Pixabay


He picked up the object and looked at it closely as though he was investigating its origin. The object the boy found was an old leaf from a tree, and it had been pressed in between the bible's pages.

When the boy finished scanning the leaf, he called out to his mom, telling her to see what he had found. His mother asked him what he was holding, and with an astonishing voice, he replied: "It's Adam's suit."

A boy reading a book. | Photo: pixabay.com


Here is another joke about a mother who decided to get Cathy, her 10-year-old daughter, a practical gift for her birthday. She suggested to Cathy that they would open a savings account for her.

Cathay expressed delight with the suggestion, so her mother took her to the bank to open the account for her. When they arrived at the bank, Cathy's mom reminded her that it was her account.

Photo of a young girl praying | Photo: Pexels


She then handed the 10-year-old an application form to fill. The young girl began to fill the form and was doing okay. However, when she came to the space that read "Name of your former bank," she was confused.

Cathy hesitated for a while and glanced at her mother before writing "Piggy" as her reply to the question about her former bank. Well, one can agree that she was right with her response.

Photo of a little girl smiling. | Photo: Unsplash

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