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Health Workers Stuck in Snowstorm with Expiring COVID-19 Vaccines Started Giving It to Drivers

Joe Akins
Jan 29, 2021
08:10 P.M.
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When some health workers were caught in a snowstorm after a day of giving COVID-19 vaccinations, they started administering their last doses to stranded drivers.


On Wednesday, Josephine County Public Health shared an inspiring post on Facebook detailing some of their staff and volunteers' efforts during a COVID-19 vaccination exercise.

Michael Weber and his team had been out on a day of administering COVID-19 vaccinations and were on their way back to Grants Pass, Oregon, to administer their last doses.

Health workers stuck in snowstorm administering COVID-19 vaccines to drivers | Photo: facebook.com/JosephineCountyPublicHealth


However, traffic came to a standstill all of a sudden as authorities closed the road due to a car accident that occurred on the snow-covered Highway 199. It would be hours before normal traffic could resume.

Weber and his team had six doses of COVID-19 vaccines left to administer and had already notified recipients in Grant Pass. With the snowstorm and the road being closed, there was no way they could make it to the recipients before the vaccines expired.

Medical personnel secure a sample from a person at a drive-thru Coronavirus COVID-19 testing station on March 12, 2020. | Photo :Getty Images


Hence, the health workers administered those six vaccine doses to six drivers stranded on the highway. They walked from car to car, offering to vaccinate stranded motorists.

One of the vaccinated motorists included a Josephine County Sherriff's Office employee who arrived too late for the IVHS clinic the health workers conducted earlier.

Many celebrities and politicians have also been vaccinated in their bid to encourage others to do the same.


Weber, who is Josephine County's Public Health Director, described the unplanned snowstorm vaccination as one of the coolest operations he has been part of.

While speaking to The Washington Post, he said it took him and his team 45 minutes to find six people willing to take the vaccinations. The people who said yes could not hide their excitement. He also said:

"I can't imagine a better way to spend four hours stuck in a snowstorm."


The inspiring story shows how health workers continue to strive to ensure that many people get vaccinated against the deadly COVID-19 pandemic.

Since the United States' Food and Drug Administration issued emergency use authorization for Pfizer's and Moderna's novel coronavirus vaccines, more people have continued to get vaccinated.

Many celebrities and politicians have also been vaccinated in their bid to encourage others to do the same as the war against the deadly virus continues.

Some of the celebrities who have received vaccine doses include Mandy Patinkin, Tyler Perry, Samuel L. Jackson, Lee Rosbach, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Joel Gray, among many others.