February 02, 2021

Ellen DeGeneres Celebrates Wife Portia de Rossi's 48th Birthday — Look Back at Their Love Story

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Talk show host Ellen DeGeneres recently celebrated her wife's 48th birthday with a heartwarming tribute. Here's a look into the duo's beautiful and inspiring love story.

Celebrating one's partner on their milestones is one of the intricate parts of any successful relationship. Talk show host Ellen DeGeneres understands this and spared no words in wishing her wife Portia de Rossi a happy birthday.

On January 31, de Rossi rang in a new year and celebrated her 48th birthday. Being a doting wife, DeGeneres took to Instagram to share a heartwarming post that left fans gushing.

Portia de Rossi and Ellen DeGeneres attending the 77th Annual Golden Globe Awards at The Beverly Hilton Hotel in Beverly Hills, California, in January 2020. I Photo: Getty Images.


The post featured a picture of DeGeneres and de Rossi sweetly holding each other while standing side by side in an outdoor location. The duo looked gorgeous in their outfits, which they paired with matching sunglasses.

DeGeneres accompanied that sweet picture with a caption referencing how great their time together in quarantine was. The famous talk show host wrote:

"Happy birthday to my favorite person in our quarantine bubble. I love you. ❤️"


DeGeneres' heartfelt post to her wife comes as no surprise as the two share a beautiful love story and have undoubtedly become one of Hollywood's favorite couples.

The talk show host first met de Rossi at a party in 2000. They would be acquaintances for about four years before reconnecting at the Shrine Auditorium in Los Angeles.


Soon after, the pair began their journey of love. This came as quite a shock to many in Hollywood as de Rossi had never come out to reveal her sexuality in the past.

However, by early 2005, de Rossi was confident enough about who she was, and the couple made their first official appearance at the HBO Golden Globe Awards Party. That same year, they also moved in together.


With such a drastic shift in the public's perception about her, de Rossi was bound to have faced some scrutiny from fans and even some of her loved ones. She, however, rose through that.

Speaking candidly about her sexuality, de Rossi admitted that making public appearances with DeGeneres without fear was an exciting experience.


She sang praises of her beau, whom she described as courageous for being unapologetic about her sexuality. To de Rossi, DeGeneres was a trailblazer for the LGBTQ community.

In 2008, shortly after same-sex marriages were legalized, DeGeneres and de Rossi tied the knot. Indeed, this was a dream come true for the two lovers.

Ever since, DeGeneres and de Rossi have continuously shown off their love through heartwarming social media posts and occasional public display of affection. 

After nearly 13 years of marriage, DeGeneres and de Rossi continue to depict a tale of true love. In the good and bad times, these two sure know how to hold each other down.