Daily Joke: A Lumber Camp Was Searching for a New Lumberjack

Today’s #jokeoftheday is about a respectable lumber camp that was in search of a new efficient lumberjack and received the most unlikely of candidates that would go on to impress them.

 A well-known company had one of their talented lumberjacks retire, so they needed a new one. They put up an ad for the job opening, hoping they’ll find someone that can do the job as excellently as possible.

The next day, a short skinny man showed up at the reception with his ax, applying for the job. As soon as the head hunter saw the slender man, he immediately told him off. He didn’t believe someone with such stature can do the job.

A Lumberjack holding an ax on his shoulder. | Photo: Shutterstock

A Lumberjack holding an ax on his shoulder. | Photo: Shutterstock

The candidate was disappointed but was determined to get the job. He turned to the head hunter and appealed to him not to send him away. He said with a somber look, “Just give me a chance to show you what I can do.”

The head hunter was hesitant but didn’t have any other candidate, so he agreed to give him a chance. He dismissively told the skinny man to look at the giant redwood in the field and use his ax to chop it down.

The man eagerly nodded his head and ran to begin his work on the tree. About five minutes later, he was knocking at the head hunter’s office door. The recruiter came out surprised to see him. The skinny man responded

“I cut the tree down.”

The head hunter could not believe his ears and looked at the skinny man in shock. He asked him where on earth he learned how to chop down a tree so fast, and the young man replied, “In the Sahara Forest.”

The head hunter asked if he meant the Sahara Desert, to which the skinny man responded, “Sure, that’s what they call it NOW.” Another hilarious joke is about a motorist who was driving by a farm and mistakenly killed a calf.

Feeling bad, he went to look for the farm owner, and when he found him, he explained that it was an accident. He then asked how much the animal was worth, ready to reimburse the owner for his loss.

The farm owner answered, saying it cost $200 for now. However, if the animal had lived for six years, it would be $900, so his money was $900. The motorist didn’t argue and brought out his checkbook, writing $900.

He said to the farm owner, “Here is the cheque for $900. It’s postdated six years from now.” Did you enjoy these jokes? Click here to read about a cranky woman because her husband returned home late and left him a note.

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