Elderly Spouses Were Able to Send Love Notes and Reunite before Dying of COVID-19 Hours Apart

A Central Ohio couple who had been married for over half a century were able to share love notes before dying three hours apart from the novel coronavirus.

Central Ohio couple Lois and PJ Connor, who were married for 52 years, recently passed away, and the moments leading up to their death, although sad, were beautiful.

The couple had tested positive for COVID-19 and were admitted at the Riverside Methodist Hospital in Columbus, Ohio, on January 30. They are survived by three children: Patrick Connor, Mary Mazik, Ann Lanier, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren.

A 3D diagrammatic representation of the Covid 19 virus. | Photo: Pixabay

A 3D diagrammatic representation of the Covid 19 virus. | Photo: Pixabay

Speaking to news station ABC 6, Patrick, the fire chief at the Newark Fire Department, said that he was grateful for the love and care his parents could receive before their passing.

When they were admitted to the hospital, they had been placed in different rooms, but as their health deteriorated and it was confirmed that they were not going to make it, they were moved into the same room. Mazik stated the reason for moving them in:

"My dad was struggling with COVID and a broken heart."

Lanier admitted that one thing that made the process more tasking for them was the isolation. She added that isolation was one of the things that caused her parents to be lonely when they were apart.

When they could not be together, Lois and PJ opted to send love notes to each other, and these notes were delivered by the nurses who took care of them. This allowed the couple to cope with being apart at the time.

J.J Boatman was only 9 when he died.

Mazik stated that it was hard for her to come to terms with the fact that her parents were no longer alive, and although she knew they were together, it felt weird not being able to see them together again.

Regan Connor, Lois, and PJ's grandson also took to Facebook to share his grandparents' beautiful story and how they taught him that having faith in the Lord brought light at the end of the tunnel. He also said:

"last night, only 3 hours apart. The two most kind, caring, and compassionate people went to be with the lord. I am so blessed to have amazing grandparents like these two..."

Although it was believed that Lois was going to die first, as her condition was worse than PJ's, she did not die until after three hours when her husband passed on. The couple held hands till PJ gave up the ghost.

The entire Connor family is busy planning on giving their parents a befitting funeral, and while the plans might be tasking, they are still appreciative of all the love they have received.

Sadly, the Connors are not the only ones mourning the loss of loved ones. J.J Boatman's family is also mourning his loss as he died from complications of COVID-19.

J.J Boatman was only 9 when he died. He had not shown any signs of COVID-19, but within hours of complaining about difficulty breathing, J.J passed away. He is survived by his parents.

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