Gladys Knight and Her Younger Husband Look Happy as They Get Vaccinated Together in New Photos

Sensational singer Gladys Knight and her younger husband William McDowell recently got their COVID-19 vaccination shots, as seen in new pictures shared by McDowell.

William McDowell took to Instagram to share pictures of himself and his wife, Gladys Knight, getting their vaccination shots, and the pair looked excited to be doing it together.

McDowell made three different posts to show their excitement about getting the shots. The first post showed himself and Knight standing next to each other in what looked to be the hospital's lobby.

Gladys Knight and William McDowell at the Tyler Perry Studios grand opening gala on October 05, 2019. | Photo: Getty Images

Gladys Knight and William McDowell at the Tyler Perry Studios grand opening gala on October 05, 2019. | Photo: Getty Images

The second post was that of Knight getting her shot, and for the image, she had on her face mask, but her eyes lit up as she smiled and gave a peace sign.

The third post showed McDowell getting his own shot. He looked excited even though only his side view was facing the camera. McDowell captioned one of the posts saying:

"Do It Together."

McDowell and Knight opted to dress casually for the occasion. The former looked ruggedly handsome in his black joggers and sweatshirt. He had dark sunglasses on to complete the look.

Similarly, Knight went for an all-black outfit, which consisted of tight leggings and a T-shirt. The couple had on their nose masks.

It had been so severe that it caused Elizabeth to lose most of her sight.

As usual, fans and lovers took to the comments section to air their opinions and give their compliments to the couple. Some expressed that they were excited the pair were getting the vaccine shot.

There were also those who could not help but gush over how cute Knight and McDowell looked together. Someone complimented Knight, saying:

"The world needs more Gladys Knights! I can see her beautiful smile even with her mask on. ❤️I got my 2nd shot today. God Bless you both❤️❤️."

Knight, who began singing at the age of 8 alongside her siblings, has always been a health enthusiast. When she clocked 75, she held a special party where she talked about diabetes which affected her mother, Elizabeth Knight.

It caused Elizabeth to lose most of her sight, thereby causing her to become legally blind. Although it took a toll on her, she was able to live with the condition for a long time and to honor her mother's life, Knight never fails to speak up.

Knight has been married three times. The first was to James Newman in 1960 at the age of 16. She had two children with him.

Her second marriage was to Barry Hankerson in 1974; they divorced in 1979. In 1995, she married Les Brown, but they separated in 1997.

Her marriage to McDowell has been her longest as they got married in 2001. Together, they have ten grandchildren and 17 great-grandchildren even though they do not have kids of their own.

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