COVID-19: Couple Who Were High School Sweethearts Die Hours after One Final Call with the Family

The couple formed by Juan and Blanca Rodriguez managed to say goodbye through a video call, three hours later she died.

The COVID-19 pandemic has cut short many lives, leaving grief and pain in many families. Losing a loved one is hard, but for a family in San Diego, California the pain has doubled.

Juan and Blanca Rodriguez were hospitalized after having contracted COVID-19 in January with their entire family. While the children were recovering, they had to receive special care, so they were sent to different hospitals.

On February 8, within hours of each other, Juan and Blanca Rodríguez lost the battle against the disease. Their children cannot believe that in just one day they have lost their loving parents. In the fundraising campaign for funeral expenses, the son wrote:

“Losing one parent is bad enough, but losing them both on the same day has been both devastating and heartbreaking. We have peace in knowing that since they were always together in life, they could not be apart in death as well.”


The family was hopeful with the recovery of their parents, although they feared more for Juan, who was more complicated. When the hospital notified him that his father was not improving, they decided to make a video call to say goodbye to him.

Blanca managed to talk to her husband of almost 40 years, she thanked him for all the time they were together and told him that she had been very lucky to have been with him all her life. A few hours later the doctors reported that she did not respond to treatment and she passed away.


His children explained that his mother died around midnight and that a few hours later they were told that his father would not succeed. So they went to the hospital but when they arrived the fatal outcome had already occurred.

Juan passed away the same day as his beloved wife, the woman he met as a young man, and that he knew that very moment that she would be his wife and his life partner. The couple spent their entire lives together and had retired to live with one of their daughters.


Blanca and Juan met when they were in 7th grade and became boyfriends in high school. A few years after finishing school, the two married and had four children and six grandchildren.

Their children say they were wonderful parents and are inconsolable over the sudden death of both. The diagnosis of the contagion took them by surprise because they insist that they have been very careful, being in quarantine, without leaving and ordering everything by delivery.


In the request for funds for funeral expenses, his son Juan Rodriguez, Jr. spoke of the love that he always united with his parents, honoring his care and dedication to raising his children.

In just a few days, the campaign has spread rapidly and has raised a total of $ 16,307 of the total $ 25,000 that was set as a goal. Juan Jr. thanked the donations and explained that they are finalizing the funeral arrangements.

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