February 18, 2021

Woman Threw Her Husband's Xbox Out of the House after He Forgot to Feed Their Disabled Son

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Janine and Dave were still in the early stages of a tough lifestyle adjustment with their disabled son, Jack, when Dave neglected to feed him for an entire day. Naturally, Janine was furious, but did she overreact?

It had been a tough two months for Janine, Dave, and their son Jack who recently became wheelchair-bound after a tragic accident. The couple was heartbroken that their boy would never walk again, but they were grateful he was alive at all.

Each day Janine and Dave found ways to adjust to the new lifestyle. Both parents had made several changes to their schedules. Luckily, Dave got a new position at his job, allowing him to work fewer hours and spend more time at home.


Picture of empty wheelchair next to a bed. | Source: Shutterstock

A home-carer was out of the question because the couple was still struggling financially in the aftermath of the accident. This was the perfect arrangement for Janine who worked until 5 pm every day.


While she worked during the day, Dave watched and took care of their nine-year-old son, and then she would take over in the evenings while Dave, an avid gamer, relaxed and played video games on his Xbox.

It wasn't an easy time in their house, but they tried their best and agreed that this new situation would not break their family if everyone did their part. This is why Janine lost it when Dave dropped the ball.


After three weeks of smooth running, Janine received a text message from Jack at 3 pm while she was at work. This was odd because she had told him to only reach out in an emergency. The text read:

"Mommy please come home, I need you. Please, mom."

Janine's heart sank. She couldn't fathom what could possibly go wrong after she had prepared his food in the morning, bathed him, and left his iPad charged and ready for him to use. Dave should've been able to take care of the rest.


Janine immediately called her son, who told her that Dave hadn't been to check on him all day and had only given him breakfast hours earlier. While holding back tears, Jack told his mom that Dave had been playing Xbox all day.

"Oh, my poor baby," Janine thought to herself. She couldn't wait until 5 pm and had to go home and be with her son. All the same, she was furious at her husband for being so cruel to their son.


Janine immediately rushed home, and sure enough, when she burst into the lounge, Dave was glued to the TV, playing video games. She hurried past him over to Jack's bedroom to check on him and found him hopelessly lying in his bed.

Janine was so infuriated that she suddenly began to laugh. 

To make matters worse, when she went over to his bed, she was horrified to find that Jack had wet himself hours earlier and Dave knew but didn't help him. Janine couldn't believe his nerve.


After washing and feeding Jack, Janine felt calm and ready to confront Dave about the day's events. She approached him and tried to talk to him. Without taking his eyes off the TV screen, he responded:

"Honey, it's no big deal, I was going to get to it later."

Janine's face turned red with anger and she started yelling, "Excuse me? Are you out of your mind? Our son starved and sat in his own urine for hours, and it's not a big deal?"


Dave continued, "don't you think you're overreacting?" Janine was so enraged that she suddenly began to laugh, and Dave, not realizing how serious the situation was, started laughing with her. 

All of a sudden, Janine fell eerily silent. She slowly walked over to the TV station and unplugged the Xbox. "Honey, come on, I'm sorry, okay. This was the first time," Dave pleaded. 


Without saying another word, Janine picked up the Xbox, walked outside, and threw it with such force that it scattered it into several pieces on the tarred pavement. Dave just stood at the door, eyes wide open and entirely speechless.

Janine wasn't done. She went back into the house, packed an overnight bag for herself and Jack, and left for her sister's place. She wouldn't take Dave's calls, so he left several messages apologizing and asking her to come back.

Janine's sister thinks she overreacted and should've forgiven Dave for his first mistake, but what do you think? How would you have reacted if you were in her position? Click here for another story about a couple struggling to take care of their child.