February 27, 2021

Man Finds Out He Has a Daughter 19 Years after He Broke up with Her Mother

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A man found out he had a daughter 19 years after he broke up with her mother. He and his daughter are now trying to make up for the lost time. 

Robert recently found out he had a daughter, Kira, with his ex-girlfriend, Grace, who he had dated 19 years prior. Grace had passed away, and Kira had been living with her uncle, Ben. 

Ben had contacted Robert with the news that he had a 19-year-old daughter after Kira had shown interest in meeting and getting to know her biological father. 

A man found out he had a daughter 19 years after he broke up with her mother. | Photo: Shutterstock


Robert was a little bit confused, as Grace had never told him they had a child together. At the end of the relationship, Grace had fallen pregnant but told Robert she would abort the baby. 

While at the clinic, she changed her mind and kept her baby. She declined to tell Robert of the situation as they had broken up, and she did not want him involved. 


Flash forward to 19 years later. Kira is all grown up and the spitting image of her father, who was never in her life. Her mother had told her that her father had been too young and did not know how to take care of her. 

Kira had believed her whole life that her biological dad had not felt he could help look after her, and so he left her mom to figure it out alone. 


After Ben put the two in contact, they had been chatting over the phone, getting to know each other. They discovered that they had so much in common, including having the same allergy to nuts. 

Eventually, they made a plan to meet in person. Uncle Ben told Robert not to tell Kira the truth, that her mother had kept her pregnancy quiet from him. 


The dad and daughter decided to go for coffee. They talked about Kira's goals to become a lawyer, and Robert shared that he owned his own law firm. Eventually, Kira asked him why he did not want to be involved.

He told her the truth that he had not known she existed until uncle Ben had contacted him. She looked sad and relieved that her dad had not given her up. He did not know about her. 


That night Robert's phone was lighting up with phone calls and messages from his ex's family. They were outraged that he had told the truth as she was angry with them and her mother for lying about her father. 

Was Robert right for telling his long-lost daughter the truth? Was it wrong of Grace not to tell him about their baby? How should he have handled the situation? For another story, click here