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Heroic Dog Stays with Injured Climber for 7 Nights on Frozen Slopes

Pedro Marrero
Feb 23, 2021
05:55 A.M.
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The loyal dog did not leave its owner's side during all the time that they were on the mountain waiting to be rescued.


The alpine rescue team Corpo Nazionale Soccorso Alpino e Speleologico (CNSAS) in Italy, reported a heroic dog that remained by its owner's side for seven days even in adverse conditions.

The 33-year-old mountaineer, his name was not published, went out like every year for a walk with his pet. He had to travel his route and return, but when he did not get back home within the scheduled time, his fiancee notified the authorities.

A dog standing on the top of a mountain. | Image: Pixabay.

A dog standing on the top of a mountain. | Image: Pixabay.


The members of the rescue team reported the details of the rescue on their Facebook account. According to the post, they found the climber hungry, thirsty, badly injured, and with a broken ankle.

The man explained that he suffered a fall and that despite his injuries, he managed to get close to a source of water from which he was able to drink during the days he was alone with his dog.



After the mountaineer's girlfriend reported his disappearance, two members of the rescue service took a helicopter tour of the area where the man would travel crossing a part of The Alps Mountains.

The starting point was Casera Navis, the reference that the girlfriend gave them. From there one of the rescuers continued on foot while his companions flew over the area. After a while, they spotted a metallic cover, his thermal blanket, and a few meters later, they found the mountaineer.



The rescue team found the man in a canal, thirsty, hungry but consciously and mentally oriented. He, too, was covered with leaves, badly beaten, with multiple injuries but in the company of his loyal dog.

After assessing the extent of his injuries and stabilizing him, the technicians proceeded to rescue the man. At all times the mountaineer said that he survived thanks to the company of his dog, Ash, without him he would not have made it.



The man was put in a depression bag and was evacuated from the site by helicopter rescuers around 9 a.m. local time on Thursday. Because there is no cell phone signal in the area, the injured man could not call for help.

The accident occurred at an elevation of 2,300ft in a remote area of ​​the Alpine foothills north of Udine. The site of the accident is located near the forest track but still too far for people to hear the victim easily.



Ash, a mixed breed dog, stayed by his owner's side despite the freezing temperatures they had to face during the seven days they were lost in the mountains waiting to be rescued.

This puppy proved to be man's best friend because thanks to his loyalty and company the man was able to survive the freezing temperatures at night. When his owner was rescued, Ash was also taken from the scene by helicopter.



The climber's girlfriend alerted the Friuli Mountain and Cave Rescue Service (CNSAS) on Wednesday since both the climber and Ash the dog were supposed to be back on Monday and she was already worried about their safety.

Both the man and the dog had done many of these excursions before and during their trips they just stayed in mountain huts or makeshift shelters. However, it seems that they have never had any such incidents before this opportunity.

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