Daily Joke: A Priest Is Driving Home When His Car Broke Down

Kareena Koirala
Feb 23, 2021
12:50 P.M.
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A priest was happily driving home when his car broke down. He got out and looked around to see if anyone could help him. He saw smoke rise from a chimney of an old house in the distance.


Robert, a priest, was driving home in his SUV. Suddenly, the car came to a halt. He got out to open the hood and found that his engine was fried.

"Not now!" Robert said in frustration. There was no way he could fix the engine by himself and the closest workshop was at least 10 miles away.

A man driving a car. | Source: Pexels/JohannesRapprich

A man driving a car. | Source: Pexels/JohannesRapprich


Robert looked around in desperation. If only he could find someone who could help. He saw smoke rise from the chimney of a small house in the distance.

Hopeful, Robert walked towards the house. He reached the front door and rang the doorbell. "Hello, good day sir, who are you looking for?" a man hollered from the barn nearby.


"My car broke down," Robert said. "I was wondering if I could find a means of transportation to get to the nearest workshop."

Robert rode the horse but about half a mile down the road, she got spooked by a snake...


After a brief chat, the man asked if Robert would like to take one of his horses. "I have just the right companion for you," he excitedly said.

The man walked Robert inside the barn. "This is Grace. She is a holy horse," he said, pointing towards a beautiful white mare.


"Say 'Praise the Lord' to make her go, and 'Amen' to make her stop."

Robert rode the horse but about half a mile down the road, she got spooked by a snake and started galloping towards a huge cliff.

"Stop!" yelled Robert. He was so panicked that he forgot the man's instructions.


Fearing for his life, Robert said a long, repenting prayer. "Amen," he said at the end. The horse stopped at the edge of the cliff.

Now that his prayers had been answered, Robert was ecstatic. Looking up at the sky, he said, "Praise the Lord!"

Source: Reddit

Here's another joke about a man who ran out of petrol while driving down the highway.

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