February 28, 2021

Man Accidentally Finds Daughter from His First Love but His Wife Is against Them Communicating

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Greg dated Rhea for four years, and his love for her was always profound. Both of them attended the same college, and they often discussed their interest in getting married. 

The notion of a white man like Greg dating Rhea was unacceptable to her family. At one point, she requested to meet him at the nearby park and told him she had to skip town for a couple of days.

Greg asked her why she'd see him and when. Rhea acted like she didn't want to talk long and just said she was doing it for his safety. Those were the last words Greg could hear from her.

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Though he eventually moved on, Greg never forgot Rhea. As Facebook became popular, he searched for her but couldn't find her. At the age of forty, Greg got married to Ryza.

At the time, Ryza already had three preteen children from her previous marriage. Her daughters were never warm to Greg, even though he had provided for them. 

Greg never felt appreciated for all he sacrificed for them when they were young, but it never bothered him that much. These young women are now entering their 20s. 

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Meanwhile, a woman named Kendall took up employment at their company eight months ago. When he first saw her, Greg couldn't believe his eyes because she looked strikingly like Rhea.

Greg got to talk privately to Kendall, so he asked her if her mother's name was Rhea. Kendall said that she didn't fully know her biological parents because she was adopted.

Upon seeing the test results, it was clear that Kendall was his daughter.

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As Kendall explained, she searched for them for years but only had one picture to use as a reference. When Greg demanded to see it, Kendall assured him she would bring it in the next day.

Because Ryza was always jealous of Rhea and did not want to hear about her, Greg kept this a secret. The following day, Kendall showed him the picture, and her mother was indeed his first love.

Greg then shared his story with Kendall. It became apparent to both of them that she was old enough to possibly be his daughter. After that, they decided to have a paternity test that week.

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Upon seeing the test results, it was clear that Kendall was his daughter. Both of them were thrilled to find each other, and Kendall asked if they could build a relationship.

That day, Greg told Ryza everything. She was furious. But not because he kept it from her. Ryza thought he'd choose Rhea and Kendall over her. She wanted him to stop communicating with Kendall.

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Ryza also prohibited Greg from seeing Kendall again. For her, they are now his family. Greg, however, was ready to die for his child. What would you do if you were in Greg's situation? Let us know.

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