February 26, 2021

Check Out Gabourey Sidibe's Slimmed-down Figure in a Skintight Rainbow Swimsuit

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"Empire" star Gabourey Sidibe's incredible weight loss has been a source of thrill to her fans, and the actress does not look like she intends to stop her health journey anytime soon.

The sight of a slimmer Gabourey Sidibe has been a pleasant one for her fans who cannot wait to get a glimpse of the "Empire" star looking healthier and more beautiful than ever.

Sidibe seems to have caught her fans' excitement and recently gave them exactly what they crave to see. The actress's recent Instagram post has left her fans gushing and swooning.


The actress showed her weight loss by rocking a skin-tight rainbow swimsuit that gave fans a glimpse of her curves. She shared the adorable picture on her Instagram stories, where she revealed that she had just gone for a swim via the caption.

Sidibe excited her fans by revealing that she had just hit a new achievement in her health journey. The Oscar nominee revealed that she broke her two-lap record by 4 seconds.

Sidibe revealed that she swam two laps, 30 yards, in 44 seconds, a feat her fans must be super proud of. Over the years, Sidibe has embarked on a quiet weight loss journey with amazing results.


Unlike some other celebrities shedding weight, the actress does not always post pictures of her in a gym or dieting routine, but her pictures speak louder than words.

Each time she makes an appearance on the red carpet, the world and her fans are taken by surprise and left amazed at how quietly she has lost weight and looks healthier.

Sidibe said she has finally discovered her beauty.

Gabourey Sidibe rocking a skin-tight rainbow-colored swimsuit | Photo: Instagram/gabby3shabby


While most fans might find the actress inspiring with her weight journey and better appreciate her beauty, the actress did not have it easy while growing up and was always on the receiving end of negative comments because of her size.

The 37-year-old reportedly said that high school was a horrible experience for her because of how she was treated. Sidibe said that she only got to feel comfortable in her skin when she was 25.


Sidibe reportedly went through surgery for her weight loss. The actress was said to have undergone laparoscopic bariatric surgery, which helps obese people lose weight and look trimmer.

The "Precious" actress decided to have surgery after she and her brother were told they had type 2 diabetes. Sidibe said she did not want to bother about the health risks of diabetes and losing her toes.


Following her surgery, Sidibe reportedly said that she feels comfortable in her body for the first time. After years of struggling with her appearance, she has finally discovered her beauty.

To make things better for the "Empire" star, she has finally found love! The actress is engaged to her boyfriend Brandon Frankel after dating for a year and a half. Her fans are super excited to know she has things going well for her.