Daily Joke: Attorney Calls His Client with Bad News

Lois Oladejo
Feb 26, 2021
11:15 P.M.
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An attorney working for a rich art collector reached out to him one day with news both bad and good—the collector wanted the good news first. 


An attorney who was working for a wealthy art collector had news to share with the man. He called the client one day and revealed that he had both bad news and good news. 

The art collector had been having a terrible day, so he wanted to hear the good news first. The attorney understood and immediately went on to reveal what their meeting was about. 

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He stated that the collector's wife had met with him to let him know she had invested $5,000 in two pictures that she thought would rake in between $15-20 million. The attorney added that she was probably on point with the projection. 

The collector could not have been happier. He quickly pointed out his wife's brilliance as a businesswoman before going ahead to ask for what the bad news entailed. The attorney answered:

"The pictures are of you with your secretary." 

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A woman walked into a fancy and upscale jewelry store. Upon her entry, she started browsing the products until she spotted a fabulous diamond necklace. 

She walked over to it with the intention of inspecting it, but as she bent over for a closer look, she mistakenly farted. Quite embarrassed, the woman quickly throws furtive glances around in hopes that nobody noticed or heard the unfortunate accident. 

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She was not so lucky because when she turned around, she came face to face with the salesman who had been standing behind her. 

The woman attempted to maintain an unfazed front as the salesman started speaking to her. He wanted to know how he could be of assistance. 

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Now certain that the man was not privy to her little accident, the woman asked about the price of the diamond necklace she had been in the process of inspecting. The salesman replied:

"Madam, let me just say that if the sight of it made you fart, you'll probably need a bathroom when I tell you the price."

Wedding ring with diamond. | Photo: Pexels

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