March 02, 2021

Daily Joke: Four Brewery Presidents Walk into a Pub after a Beer Festival

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After Great Britain's Beer Festival ended, four brewery presidents decided to spend some quality time at a London pub and have some beer. 

After the frills and thrills of Great Britain's Beer Festival, four brewery presidents felt it wise to cool things down and headed for a London pub for some beer. 

The first one of the presidents sat down and ordered a Corona, tagging it as the world's best beer. The bartender served him his drink and continued with his task.

A pub. | Photo: Pixabay/EvaBergschneider


The second brewery president looked up at the bartender and ordered what he considered the best beer in the world and "The King of Beers," Budweiser. The bartender attended to him too. 

The third brewery president ordered the only beer made with Rocky Mountain Springwater, a Coors beer. The bartender also attended to him. 

Up came the Guinness president, who ordered a bottle of coke. The bartender was surprised by his order but still served him his drink. However, the other brewery presidents asked him why he did not order a Guinness. He replied: 

"Well, if you guys aren't drinking beer, neither will I."


A pub. | Source: Pexels/OlegMagni

Here is another beer joke about four university students who went drinking a night before their test. They ended up taking too much alcohol and got home late. The four students missed their alarms and failed to show up for their tests. 


They went to their professor and explained that they were on their way to the exam when the car they were traveling in had a flat tire. They pleaded with the professor to allow them to retake the test.

Glasses at a bar | Photo: Pixabay


The professor accepted their pleas and agreed for them to retake the test. On the day, they arrived on time, well-prepared for it. After taking their seats, the professor gave them their question and answer sheets and asked them to begin. 

When the four students opened their test booklet, they found only one question. It read, "Which tire was flat?"

A man teaching his students. | Photo: Pexels


Here is one last joke about a man who entered a barbershop for a shave. While the barber foamed him up, the man explained that he had problems getting close shaves around his cheeks. 

The barber gave him a small wooden ball from a drawer and asked him to place it between his cheek and gum. The man put the ball in his mouth, and the barber gave him the closest shave he ever had. 

After a few strokes, the man, speaking distortedly, asked the barber what would happen if he swallowed the ball. The barber replied, "No problem. Just bring it back tomorrow like everyone else does."

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