Story of the Day: Man Refuses to Call His Step-Mom 'Mom'

Busayo Ogunjimi
Mar 03, 2021
12:10 A.M.
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A man refused to call his step-mom "mom" but instead chose to call her by her first name, a decision which has left his family divided and soured his relationship with his dad.


Tony lost his mom when he was 13, and soon after, his dad, Pete, remarried. Shortly after he became a freshman in high school, he moved in with his dad and step-mom.

Tony always referred to his step-mom by her first name until one day, he mistakenly let "mom" slip from his mouth. Hearing Tony call her mom made his step-mom excited, so he decided to continue.

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Tony's younger sister joined the family and continued calling their step-mom "mom." Tony has two stepsisters, Summer, and Melissa, who have never called Pete dad but instead call him his first name.

After a while, things turned sour between Tony and his stepsisters, and they stopped being on talking terms. Their mom, Julie, got wing of their disagreement and sided with her daughters.

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Tony blamed his stepsister for the divide and accused them of being racist, but Julie claimed that Tony and his sister are the cause of the family's division.

Things turned so bad that Tony reverted to calling Julie by her first name. He believes she did not act like a mom should have worked but instead sided with her children.

Pete made it clear to Tony that he wants to have a good relationship with him as a father would have with a son.

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His sister also ceased calling Julie mom, and everyone seems to be at each other's throats. Pete and Julie are in love and are not considering a divorce but find the situation to be disrespectful.

Pete told Tony that calling Julie by her first name is disrespectful, and he would not tolerate it. The family crisis started having a toll on Tony's relationship with his father.

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In his defense, Tony told his father Pete that he decided to call Julie "mom," and it is also his decision to start calling her by her first name if he desires to.

He argued that Julie was not his biological mom, and he found it disrespectful to call her "mom," a title he feels is only reserved for his birth mother.

Pete made it clear to Tony that he wants to have a good relationship with him as a father would have with a son, but that can only be possible if he stops calling Julie by her first name.

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Tony has remained bent on calling Julie by her first name, and this has deteriorated his relationship with his father, and they are no longer on speaking terms. Who do you think is wrong here?

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