March 08, 2021

Daily Joke: A Priest and a Rabbi Stand on the Side of the Road Holding a Sign

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Today's #jokeoftheday is about a priest and a rabbi holding a sign by the side of the road hoping to send a message to drivers about an impending danger. Unfortunately, one road user took it wrongly.

A priest and a rabbi were hoping to get their message to a larger audience, so they decided to stand by the side of the road holding a board. On the board, they scribbled a warning that read

"Turn around, the end is nigh."

A photo of a rabbi standing by the road. | Photo: Shutterstock


The pair waited for a while, with no driver passing by. After about an hour, a car passed by. On seeing their sign, the driver, who was a young man, leaned out the window and yelled at the rabbi and priest.

He accused them of being religious bigots and warned them to get out of the road before speeding off in anger. After a few minutes, the rabbi and priest heard a scream and loud crash. The priest turned to the rabbi and sighed before saying:

"I told you we should have just written 'Danger, Bridge Collapsed."


Another hilarious joke tells the story of a couple who decided to move in together after five years of dating. One day, the woman was cooking in the kitchen when she noticed something atop the fridge.

She climbed on a stool and discovered a wad of cash amounting to $10,000 alongside four eggs. She couldn't understand what the money and eggs meant, so she went to look for her husband in the other room.

A photo of four eggs. | Photo: Shutterstock


Once she found him in the room, she asked what $10,000 and four eggs were doing on top of the fridge. He sighed and responded, "Oh. Well, every time that you yell at me or are rude to me, I put an egg atop the refrigerator."

The wife felt touched by her husband's response and gushed about how he has only put up four eggs in the five years they have been together. The husband smiled sheepishly and replied:

"No honey, every time I put a dozen up there, I sell them. That's how I got the $10,000."


The final joke is about a police officer who pulled over a priest who had been driving recklessly. The officer immediately perceived alcohol on the priest and looked over to see a bottle of wine on the floor of the passenger seat.

The cop looked the priest in the eye and asked if he had been drinking, but the priest answered that he had only been drinking water. The cop then asked why he could smell alcohol, and the priest replied, "Good Lord! He's done it again."

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