March 01, 2021

Daily Joke: A Man Noticed a Group of People Using Sign Language in a Bar

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While in a bar, Kevin spotted a group of people using sign language. Furthermore, he observed that the bartender was using sign language to address them.

Kevin asked the bartender how he learned sign language when the bartender returned to him. It turns out that these were regular customers who taught him how to speak in sign language.

That made Kevin's day. Some minutes later, he noticed that every member of the group was waving their hands in the air very wildly. Looking over, the bartender seemed angry.

A man drinking beer at the bar. | Photo: Pexels


They were thrown out of the bar after he signed, "Now cut that out!" Kevin asked the bartender what made him do that, and the bartender replied, "I told them many times - no singing in the bar!"


A bar in town was so confident its owner was the strongest man in town that it bet $1,000 that he would never be beaten. The challenge was to squeeze a lemon until all the juice ran out into a beer glass.

Bartender pouring drink into a glass. | Photo: Pexels


Next, hand the lemon to the customer. Anyone who squeezed out just one more drop would win the money. Over the years, truck drivers, weightlifters, and everyone else tried it...no one succeeded. 

The next day a frail little man with oversized glasses came into the bar and asked if he could try the challenge. The owner said it was only fair that he give the man a chance, so he squeezed the lemon. 

Three male friends enjoying drink at a bar. | Photo: Pexels


As soon as he finished, he handed the remains to the man, who squirted four drops more juice onto the glass. Everyone watched in awe as the owner handed over the prize.

The owner asked the man what he did for a living that made him so strong. He wondered if he was a lumberjack or weightlifter. The man replied that he worked for the IRS.

A man wearing eyeglasses. | Photo: Pexels



The group of five men arrived at a bar, and one of them ordered a round of drinks for himself and his friends. With a toast of "To 51 days!" they drank their drinks together.


One of the men asked the bartender to bring them a drink again. They toasted, "To 51 days!" again and finished their drinks. After the third drink, the bartender asked the men what they meant by their toast.

They laughed at the bartender's question. One of them replied, "We just finished this jigsaw puzzle that said 'two or four years' on the box. We finished it in 51 days!"