Story of the Day: Man Did Not Want to Let Anyone Hold His Son When He Was Born

Joe Akins
Mar 04, 2021
03:50 A.M.
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In a bid to ensure his wife holds their newborn son first, a man did not allow anyone to hold the baby after his birth sparking conflict between him and his family. 


Phillip and his beautiful wife Mabel welcomed their first child and son, Alex, in 2019, much to the joy of their friends and loved ones as they had been married for five years without a child. 

Mabel experienced a complicated pregnancy and needed an emergency C-section to bring her son to life. She and Phillip were aware of the complications that could arise during her pregnancy and were prepared for it. 

A mother holding a little baby and lovingly playing with him. | Photo: Pixabay.


However, Mabel felt sad that she would be the last person to hold their baby after birth. She went in for the operation and delivered Alex, remaining unconscious afterward. 

When Alex was born, and his mother was still unconscious, Phillip did not allow any of his or Mabel's family members to hold the precious baby or even meet him. 

Man, woman and baby pose for portrait-like family photo | Photo: Pexels


Mabel was unconscious for four days but recovered and was able to meet Alex for the first time. A day after her full recovery, the other family members also met and held Alex for the first time. 

Phillip's and Mabel's families were upset about having to wait so long to hold their grandson for the first time, but none of them dwelled on it except the former's sister and mother, who remained pushy about the issue. 

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They maintained that he was selfish and should not have acted the way he did because his wife was yet to meet or hold their baby. Two months after Alex's birth, Mabel put up a social media post, sharing pictures showing her holding him for the first time.

She also detailed her experience giving birth to him, expressing gratitude that they were healthy. After seeing Mabel's post, Phillip's mom and sister accused him of robbing them of their first few days with Alex. 

A newborn baby holding his father's index finger. | Photo: Pixabay.


He told them that there was no big deal in what he did and that people get to meet their grandsons or nephews weeks or months after their birth. 

However, they maintained that he was selfish and should not have acted the way he did because his wife was yet to meet or hold their baby. 

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Though Phillip did not see anything wrong with what he did, he became perturbed when a friend told him he robbed his son of having more interaction early on in his life and should have thought of Alex over his wife's feelings. 

What do you think of the whole situation? Is Phillip wrong to have acted the way he did? Could his actions have impacted his baby? Are his family members right to feel let down? Share your thoughts. 

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