March 08, 2021

'Behind Her Eyes' Star Eve Hewson Is the Daughter of a Famous Rockstar — Find Out Who

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"Behind Her Eyes" star Eve Hewson recently appeared on "The Kelly Clarkson Show" and revealed a little-known fact about her life - the legendary singer and songwriter, Bono, is her father.

Irish actress Eve Hewson is popular for her various roles in hit television dramas and films, including the new Netflix series, "Behind Her Eyes." 

Despite her fame and popularity, there is one aspect of her life that many people do not know of, and that is the fact that famed singer and songwriter, Bono, is her father. 

Eve Hewson at the Wallis Annenberg Center for the Performing Arts in Beverly Hills, Los Angeles, California, USA on February 9, 2020 | Photo: Getty Images


During her recent appearance on "The Kelly Clarkson Show," Hewson admitted no one knows Bono is her father and explained the benefits of being the musician's daughter. 

Even Kelly Clarkson admitted she did not know Bono is Hewson's father, saying she did not know the musician's real name until she googled it the night before. 


Hewson, who appeared on the show virtually, responded, saying her father's real name, Paul David Hewson, is a very "un-rock" star kind of name, which Clarkson agreed to, saying it is biblical. 

Clarkson asked Hewson if it was cool that people don't recognize her as her father's daughter from the start. The latter said it is good, adding:

"Nobody knows my last name, so nobody knows who I am, which is actually kind of fun." 


Clarkson pointed out that Eve is not Hewson's actual name. She noted that she has like a thousand names before asking her to reveal her full name.

Hewson admitted that it is an embarrassing situation as her parents were hippies, adding that she did not know how to explain it. The actress revealed her full name is Memphis Eve Sunny Day Iris Houston.

She revealed Bono used to embarrass her as a child by blasting Backstreet Boys and dancing in his dressing gown.


Clarkson explained she felt Hewson's parents must have been stoners for naming her so before confirming her father is Bono. This is not the first time Hewson spoke about her father.

During a reported interview, she revealed Bono used to embarrass her as a child by blasting Backstreet Boys and dancing in his dressing gown.

She said she used to be mortified by her hitmaker father's behavior as they drove through traffic on the way to school as he would get out of the car in his dressing gown with his glasses on. 


In "Behind Her Eyes," Hewson portrays Adele, a faintly sinister Stepford wife, who appears perfect but has a secret or two she is hiding. She described the series' making as a good time because she shot it with many young people her age. 

Hewson was born in the Irish capital, Dublin, in 1991. She began her acting career at 17. She attended the Dalkey School Project before proceeding to St. Andrew's College in Dublin and later New York University.