March 09, 2021

Jada Pinkett Smith's Mom Adrienne Flaunts Blonde Braids Rocking an Elegant Black Dress (Photo)

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Jada Pinkett's mom Adrienne Banfield-Norris looked all shades of beautiful in a new picture she shared on her Instagram page where she flaunted her blonde braids while rocking a gorgeous dress.

Jada Pinkett's mom Adrienne Banfield-Norris seems to be enjoying her braids journey and shared a beautiful picture of her rocking her blonde braids while sitting comfortably in what looked like an office.

The "Red Table Talk" host enjoys sharing cute pictures with her followers, all thanks to her team who ensures she looks her very best before posing before the camera for her millions of viewers.

Adrienne Banfield-Norris and Jada Pinkett Smith at "The Moms" on October 23, 2018 | Photo: Getty Images


Banfield-Norris rocked her blonde braids with style alongside an elegant black dress. The adorable outfit was finished off with gold earrings and wristwatches, giving a glowing look that fans have come to know her for.

Her fans echoed their love for her lovely braids in the post, with some remarking that she looked perfect with them. For some other fans, her black dress was the highlight of the picture.


This would not be Banfield-Norris' first time looking stunning in recent times. Not too long ago, fans were left speechless after she shared flaunting her ripped body.

Her picture showed that she takes her fitness more seriously than anything else. For the 67-year-old, age is never a barrier to look good and healthy. 

She was pictured holding workout equipment while wearing low-cut leggings and a sports bra that flaunted her muscular physique as she gave an adorable pose.


While fans gushed over her body, Banfield-Norris was not too satisfied with how she looked. She complained about a foot injury that left her working around with a cane, but her fans made sure to remind her how fit she looked.

Fitness has always been a part of her lifestyle. She once left her fans screaming in awe after sharing a picture of her in the gym flexing her toned arms and muscular back.

Being born amid the civil rights movement, Banfield-Norris noted that she is still dealing with the effects of what she witnessed.


Working out for the talk show host goes beyond keeping fit. For Banfield-Norris, hitting the gym helps her maintain her sobriety. She has previously suffered from heroin addiction but has been sober for more than a decade.

Banfield-Norris recently opened up on a heartbreak she suffered during a December episode of "Red Table Talk." She talked about a previous marriage that turned out to be what she did not expect.


Banfield-Norris reportedly said that she had a series of heartbreaks and failed relationships, but one of them stood out in her heart because of how much she wanted it to work.

She realized that a divorce was best for everyone. At 67, Banfield-Norris has seen it all. The "Red Table Talk" show host credits her upbringing for giving her a diverse view of race, infidelity, and forgiveness. 

Being born amid the civil rights movement, she noted that she is still dealing with the effects of what she witnessed. Clearly, everything has made her into the fearless and beautiful woman she is today.