March 11, 2021

See Ashley Judd's Emotional Update on Her Recovery Following an Accident in Congo

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Actress Ashley Judd was involved in an accident about nearly a month ago in Congo. She recently shared an update regarding her recovery process and how she almost lost her leg.

Ashley Judd penned a lengthy message on Instagram reflecting on her ordeal when visiting The Democratic Republic of the Congo. She revealed that she is still suffering from the trauma that she experienced.

“If I understand, things are just as they are. If do not understand, things are just as they are – Zen Proverb. I do not understand why what has happened has happened,” she wrote.

Ashley Judd speaks during the Bloomberg Business of Equality conference in New York, U.S., on May 8, 2018 | Photo: Getty Images


She continued to say she is dearly loved and was helped enormously. Judd added that during her recovery process, the nights she spends are savage agony. Judd thanked the medical staff that assisted her during her surgery.

"Thank you, Dr. Phil Kregor & @hughstonclinic & @todd_rubin_md, for seven hours of intensive, brilliant, inspired surgical work on my bones and nerves," she noted.


The 52-year-old also thanked the staff at Skyline Hospital. She added that she is also in the comfort of her friends and family, who are taking care of her.

Judd posted a photo being embraced by her friend Moyra Mulholland Botta and another picture of her sister Wynonna Judd washing her hair. She also shared a comforting message by David Whyte.


Judd has reportedly been traveling to Congo over the years to study the endangered bonobo population with her partner. Last month, she fell while walking in the forest and ended up breaking her leg in four places and suffered nerve damage.

According to Today, she detailed the unfortunate incident from her hospital bed in South Africa at the time. The California native discussed the accident with New York Times columnist Nicholas Kristof on Instagram Live:

“Judd there was a fallen tree on the path, which I didn't see, and I had a very powerful stride going, and I just fell over this tree."


According to People, Judd was airlifted from Congo to South Africa in a 55-hour rescue to save her leg shattered in an accident. She described her recovery process as drowning in trauma.

Judd also suffered internal bleeding and has since been recovering in the US. She showed gratitude to Congolese men who helped her in time of need.


Judd said that if it were not for her Congolese brothers and sisters, the internal bleeding would have probably killed her, and she would have lost her leg. She added that she waited for help without fidgeting or flinching for five hours.

According to CNN, the incident occurred before dawn one morning while she and some researchers walked their way through the rain forest in the dark. Judd reportedly visits the country twice a year.


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