March 11, 2021

Daily Joke: A Man Comes Home after a Hard Day's Work and Opens the Refrigerator

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A man came home from work to find a sugar glider napping in his refrigerator. After interrogating the insect, he found out that the sugar glider had mistaken his house, Westinghouse, for a resting house.

After a long day at work, a man returned home and decided to relax before retiring to bed. He went to the refrigerator to get a cold drink but is surprised by what he finds

Inside the fridge is a sugar glider sleeping peacefully. Surprised and confused, the man asked the insect why it is taking a nap in his refrigerator.

Photo of someone closing a fridge | Photo: Pexels


The insect opened one of its eyes and replied saying, "Isn't this a Westinghouse?", The man responded, saying it is indeed Westinghouse. Hilariously, the sugar glider said: 

"Well then, I am trying to West."

Photo of a man standing in front of an open refrigerator | Photo: Pexels


Enjoyed that joke, here is another one about a chicken that confidently walked into a library, asking to borrow a book from the librarian.

The librarian went to the shelf, picked out a book, and handed it over to the chicken, who accepted it and majestically walked out of the library.

Portrait picture of a live chicken at the farm. | Photo: Getty Images


A few minutes later, the chicken returned and asked for another book. Once again, the librarian gave it a book, and the chicken collected it before walking out.

Shortly after, the chicken walked back into the library and requested a book. The librarian brought a book and handed it to the chicken before it walked out yet again.

Photo of a library with different shelves filled with books | Photo: Pexels


The librarian was, however, curious and ended up following the chicken. She watched it cross the road before stopping at a pond where a frog sat in a pad.

The librarian watched the two animals as they interacted with each other. She saw the chicken showing the book to the frog, who almost immediately started shaking its head before saying:

"Read it, read it, read it, read it."

Photo of someone holding a book | Photo: Pexels

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