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March 12, 2021

'The Masked Singer' Reveals the Identity of the Snail in a Recent Episode

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The premiere of “The Masked Singer” season 5 has set a high standard for all the singers to follow, with the Snail's unveiling proving to be shocking. 

The first episode of season five of “The Masked Singer” saw the Snail's reveal and had both the judges and the viewers in shock. Kermit the Frog was the celebrity to pop up out of the elaborate snail costume on stage. 

The Muppet was the first of the celebrity contestants to be revealed for this new season after performing the song “You Make My Dreams (Come True)” by Hall and Oates. 

Screenshot of video showing Kermit the Frog being revealed as the Snail from March 11, 2021. | Source: YouTube: Talent Recap



The standard has been set by all those who follow Kermit the Frog, and this first uncovering is expected following the producers' comments that this will be a game-changing season for the Fox series.

Upon making his appearance out of his snail shelter, Kermit the Frog commented on how his time on the show has been very short-lived. The Muppet said

“It's not easy being green, but ah sometimes it's even harder being a snail. I am never going to hear the end of this from Miss Piggy.”





Not one of the show’s panel members, including Robin Thicke, Nicole Scherzinger, Ken Jeong, and Jenny McCarthy, could correctly guess Snail's true identity. 


Other Asian countries such as China, Vietnam, and Thailand have also jumped on the masked singing celebrity bandwagon.

When Kermit the Frog revealed himself as being the singing voice inside the snail costume, the panel was equally surprised and delighted to see one of their favorite Muppets make his appearance. 



Kermit the Frog can now add the singing competition to his list of accomplishments and celebrity appearances. He commented on his brief stay on the show, saying

“The chance to become a snail—with my own built-in mobile home—was too good to pass up… I didn’t last on the show very long. But I loved every minute of it.”

“The Masked Singer” has been a hit being a combination of singing celebrities, elaborate performances, and, to make it all even better, the element of mystery. The reveal comes only when contestants are eliminated, making for great suspense. 





Although the show is already in its fifth season in the USA, it started out as a South Korean show. The differences are minor such as the American version going for all-out costumes and the Koreans relying on masks to hide the celebs. 

Other Asian countries such as China, Vietnam, and Thailand have also jumped on the masked singing celebrity bandwagon, ensuring that the hit show is not an American-only concept. 

The South Korean show even saw an appearance of the “Deadpool” star Ryan Reynolds who was on the show as a unicorn with a hero cape singing a number from “Annie.”

The star-studded show doesn’t hold back when it comes to getting the best of the best to get into the suit and sing a number, including football stars, singers, and actors who have been behind the microphone.