March 12, 2021

Story of the Day: Estranged Wife Wants More of Her Husband's Money despite Them Living Apart

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After Peter and Louise's marriage crumbled, they decided to separate while waiting to file for divorce. In that time, peter discovered a new side to the woman he had once loved.

Not all marriages are meant to last forever, and for Peter and Louise, their happiness started to fade long before he was forced to move to a different town to pursue a new career path.

Their six-year marriage had been plagued with financial problems coupled with different spending habits. While Peter was quite frugal, Louise preferred to live a lavish life, resulting in the couple accumulating a large amount of debt.

Man and woman removing their wedding rings. | Source: Pexels/cottonbro


Eventually, Peter and Louise separated and decided they would file for divorce amicably. Living apart was the best thing that ever happened to either of them. They both seemed happier and agreed they could start dating other people.

Instead of looking for a new partner, Peter focused on his career and soon got a new job that paid him eight times what he earned before and put him in a much better financial position than Louise.


Peter was generous and wanted Louise to live a comfortable life, so he offered to pay some of her bills and send her a monthly allowance, even though she had a decent career of her own.

This arrangement worked well for Louise and Peter for some months, but problems arose when Louise started to demand that Peter raise her allowance, showing no appreciation for how much money he was already spending on her.

While Peter was considering Louise's pleas for more money, he discovered a troubling truth.


Besides paying Louise's bills and giving her money, Peter was also paying off some of their debt from previous years. In fact, Peter was living like a broke college student to finish paying the debt.

Louise didn't seem to care. She was convinced that he was rich and could afford it and despite explaining his situation, she called him selfish and accused him of wanting her to suffer.


While Peter was considering Louise's pleas for more money, he discovered a troubling truth. Around the time she started demanding more money, she also got engaged to someone else. 

Peter isn't jealous, but he was surprised because they had been separated for less than a year. He also finds it galling that Louise expects him to fund her life with a new man, who turns out to be unemployed and living in her home.

Peter still cares deeply for his estranged wife and wants her to be financially secure, but he is unwilling to stretch his kindness to her new fiancée. He is yet to confront her.

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