March 12, 2021

Story of the Day: Man Heartbroken after Refusing to Let Daughter Use His Home for Her Wedding

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A man ended up heartbroken following his refusal to permit his oldest daughter to use his home as a wedding venue for fear of being harassed by his ex-wife.

A lot of people are forced to make certain tough decisions at various points in life, some of which may end up hurting their relationships with loved ones. Mike’s situation falls in that category and has left him heartbroken to date.

Mike, a divorcé who shares a daughter, Karen, with his ex-wife, Pearl, has been happily married to another woman for years. His new wife also had a daughter from a previous relationship, making him a stepfather as well.

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Two years ago, his stepdaughter tied the knot. Mike gladly let her use his home which had a spacious meadow and a barn that could double as a large dining hall as the venue. The wedding turned out perfect thanks to his little offering.

A year after his stepdaughter’s marriage, Mike’s daughter also fixed a wedding date in a paid-venue. However, the wedding location got shut-down before the proposed wedding day due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

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The unexpected development forced Karen to ask her dad’s permission to use his backyard meadow as a substitute venue. Mike refused, explaining how he felt uncomfortable letting Pearl and her relatives flock to his home for the wedding.

It was barely months after the expiration of his restraining order against them. His refusal infuriated his daughter who ended up screaming at him for the first time in her life.

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To pacify Karen, Mike offered her $15,000 to acquire another venue, but she declined, insisting she wanted his home. Karen ended up sharing the story on Facebook, inciting angry reactions from her mother Pearl, her relatives, and even his own parents.

The realization left him regretting his actions.

The family accused his new wife and stepdaughter of trying to sabotage Karen’s wedding, which wasn’t the case. Eventually, Mike decided to give in to their request later this year, on the condition that his wife and stepdaughter miss the wedding.

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He also suggested the use of outdoor trailer bathrooms instead of his indoor washrooms to prevent his ex-wife and her relatives from gaining access to his home.

Again, his daughter frowned upon the idea, insisting he was playing favoritism and was a terrible father. Karen went on to turn down the offer, saying she did not want to have her wedding in her dad’s house anymore.

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She has since refused to pick up Mike’s calls despite incessant attempts to reach out to her. To make matters worse, his mother called him up as well to accuse him of being a terrible father.

His mom also informed him she was hosting the wedding herself and wanted him to stay away from their lives and the wedding. In addition to denying him an invitation to his daughter’s wedding, Mike learned his father would walk Karen down the aisle in his stead.

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The realization left him regretting his actions and how the situation played out. Mike could not help feeling he made the biggest mistake of his life by turning down his daughter’s request.

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