March 20, 2021

Story of the Day: Woman Gets Furious over Her Husband's Behavior during a Restaurant Dinner

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For two years, Ciara and her husband Jake have gone hand in hand. Jake is a middle school teacher who is close to his family. He is always willing to help but also is firm at times.

Jake is fond of his one-year-old niece, his sister's child. He always babysits whenever he's free. Meanwhile, Ciara offers her support whenever she can.

Having not gone out for a nice dinner in a while, Ciara decided to ask Jake if they could try a new restaurant and have a good time together. As soon as he agreed, she made reservations.

Couple holding hands while walking on the seashore. | Photo: Pexels


As Ciara couldn't take the day off, she left work early for the restaurant. She saw her husband sitting and his niece in a car seat by the table when she walked in.

When Ciara asked Jake why his niece was there, he replied that his sister was busy at work and needed him to watch the baby. He explained that there was no one else to watch her.

Couple holding each other hands at the restaurant. | Photo: Pexels


Then Ciara noticed that the staff was staring at them since it wasn't a child-friendly restaurant. It worried her that the child would suddenly cry or something.

As soon as the two of them ordered their meals, Ciara's worries became apparent. The baby cried out loud, and Jake tried everything to calm the baby down, but she would not stop crying.

After they left the restaurant, Ciara blew up in anger. Jake then started arguing with her.

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Jake kept asking the server for things they didn't have for his niece. As a result of the baby's noise, other diners in the restaurant were unable to enjoy their meals.

Ciara couldn't deal with people's looks, especially when her husband was going to start singing while cradling the baby. The embarrassment Ciara felt caused her to walk to the restroom.

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Several minutes later, she heard Jake arguing loudly. She instantly rushed over to see what was going on, only to discover that he was actually attempting to change his niece's diaper on the table.

Jake and the waitress were arguing, and the manager told Ciara they should leave. After they left the restaurant, Ciara blew up in anger. Jake then started arguing with her.

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In the midst of the argument, Ciara took an uber and went home. Jake then called Ciara, stating her behavior was not okay. But Ciara did not respond. Her rage was unbearable.

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