March 16, 2021

Joan Collins Pens a Touching Birthday Tribute for Friend Liza Minnelli on Her 75th Birthday

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Actress Joan Collins took to her Instagram page to pay glowing tribute to her friend and co-actress Liza Minnelli, who celebrated her 75th birthday on Friday.

Actress Liza Minnelli added another year to her glorious years last Friday, and her close friends and family made the day extra special for her. 

One such friend is Joans Collins, who posted a glowing tribute to Minnelli on her Instagram page. Accompanying the sweet post was a picture of both women embracing each other. 

Dame Joan Collins at the Mark Zunino Atelier on November 07, 2019. | Photo: Getty Images


In the photo, Minnelli sat down on a chair, clad in a black jacket, which she wore over a black top. Cuddling her from behind was Collins, who wore a black dress with black feather designs on the shoulder regions. 

Minnelli smiled as she embraced her friend, who closed her eyes as she savored the beautiful moment. In the post's caption, Collins had nothing but praise for the celebrant, writing: 

"A #happybirthday to a #legend an #icon and a #greatfriend @officiallizaminnelli #thankyou @michaelfeinsteinsings and Terence for a great party!"


Collins' fans from all over the world joined her in wishing Minnelli a happy 75th birthday and took turns to pay tribute to the celebrant. One fan described both women as living legends. 

Another fan thanked Collins for sharing the picture and said they adore her and Minnelli a great deal, while a third person described the women as their two favorite ladies.

Collins opined that there is a big difference between biological age and the age one is supposed to be.


The picture Collins shared was from Minnelli's birthday celebration, which from the looks of it was done in style, much like the latter has lived her whole life. 

Last month it was revealed that Minnelli would celebrate her special day with a virtual tribute that would air on the streaming platform Stellar, with performances, tributes, and birthday wishes coming from her co-stars, friends, and admirers. 


While Minnelli is now 75, her friend, Collins, is 87 and aspires to live way longer than that. In a reported interview last year, she discussed the age difference between her and her husband, Percy Gibson, 56. 

Collins opined that there is a big difference between biological age and the age one is supposed to be before revealing that she would settle for 100 years old. 

Despite their ages, Collins and Minnelli continue to go strong in their careers and endeavors. Last year, Minnelli graced the cover of Variety and opened up about her mom, Judy Garland. 

She reminisced on her fondest memories with her mom, saying they had so much fun together and that the latter loved her kids very much, was protective of them, and strict.