March 21, 2021

Story of the Day: Woman Tells Her Friend That Her Opinion on Clothes Doesn't Matter

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Alice, a 24-year-old woman, had a falling out with her roommate after purchasing dresses from a particular brand her roommate passionately disliked.

A 24-year-old woman, Alice, lived with two roommates, Elise, 24, and Cassie, 23. One day, Alice and Cassie had a fight with Elise over clothing and sizing.

Elise, a young lady who is on the bigger side, has always been an advocate for the body positivity movement. While this would be perceived as a noble cause to fight for, Elise's passion meant that she had some unexplainable prejudices.

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For example, she once complained about discrimination at a hospital after a nurse told her that she could not consume a certain medication combination because of her weight.

Another of her most notable pet peeves had to do with clothing brands. Whenever she found that a certain clothing brand only sold straight sizes (6 to 18), she believed that everyone should boycott the brand in question.

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In fact, her opinion on the matter went as far as believing that anyone else who buys from such brands is showing approval of their size discrimination. One particular day, Alice and her other roommate, Cassie, decided to cheer themselves up by splurging a little.

They each ordered pretty sundresses from the brand, House of CB, hoping to get a chance to wear them despite being in the middle of March in London with summer being a faraway dream.

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When the dresses finally arrived on a Friday night, both Alice and Cassie decided that they would debut their pretty new outfits on the coming Sunday.

They agreed to have tea in the afternoon, hoping to spend some time together, seeing as they couldn't spend the day — Mother's Day — with their mom.

Elise had been away all week, helping her boyfriend find and move into a new apartment, so they had not seen her all week. Interested in including her in their plans, they asked her if she was willing to join in. She declined.

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However, come Sunday, Elise returned and found her two roommates enjoying tea together. They were all having a fun time, chatting away and munching on scones until the dresses came up. 

Elise asked where Alice and Cassie bought their dresses and when they told her they got them from House of CB, she very quickly pulled up a Google search on the brand.

When she discovered that they only provide sizes up to UK 14/16, she was instantly furious. Cassie and Alice were shocked when their roommate angrily berated them for supporting a discriminatory brand like that.

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Alice quickly retorted, telling her that she had no right to tell them where to shop and what to buy. Still livid, Elise stormed into her room, refusing to discuss any further.

She only texted once, saying that she would not talk to either of them until they returned the dresses and apologized. Alice then got conflicted, wondering if she and Cassie were truly wrong.

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