March 17, 2021

People: Prince Philip in High Spirits as He Reunites with the Queen after a Month in Hospital

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Prince Philip has been released from the hospital after his month-long stay, and his wife, Queen Elizabeth, is relieved to have him at home in Windsor Castle. 

It has been confirmed that 99-year-old Prince Philip is now recovering at home after his month-long stay in the hospital. The Duke of Edinburgh is now at Windsor Castle with his wife, Queen Elizabeth. 

Prince Philip was sent home from King Edward VII's Hospital, as revealed in a statement from a Buckingham Palace spokesperson who released an update on the royal's health. 

Prince Philip and Queen Elizabeth at the Queen's Birthday Party at the residence of the British Ambassador to Germany, 25 June 2015 | Getty Images



The Duke of Edinburgh can now recuperate in the comfort of his own home with Queen Elizabeth at his side. He was admitted to the hospital to treat an infection, and he also underwent heart surgery. The palace statement reads

"The Duke of Edinburgh has today been discharged from King Edward VII's Hospital and has returned to Windsor Castle."

Prince Philip had a lengthy stay at King Edward VII's Hospital before moving to St. Bartholomew's hospital, where he received specialist treatment for his pre-existing heart condition.



Inside sources have revealed that Queen Elizabeth is relieved to have her husband back at Windsor Castle as extra support as she deals with the results of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's tell-all interview. 

The 99-year-old's four-week-long visit to the medical facility is not the first time he has had to be admitted to [the hosptial].

Besides the stress surrounding the royal family, both the Queen and Prince Philip have big birthdays to look forward to. Prince Philip will celebrate his 100th birthday in June, and Queen Elizabeth is turning 95 next month. 




Now back in the comfort of his own home, the Duke of Edinburgh is reported to be in "good spirits," and his thanks for the care he received from the medical personnel at the two hospitals were included in the palace's statement. 

72-year-old Prince Charles also seems thankful that his father has been discharged from the medical facility. He was seen with the Duchess of Cornwall at a vaccination center and shared that the news of his father's move home was very positive. 



Prince Philip's health issues come amidst the trouble kickstarted by his grandson Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's revealing interview with Oprah Winfrey, which includes allegations of racist comments made by members of the royal family. 

After the shocking interview aired, Winfrey confirmed that it was neither Prince Philip nor Queen Elizabeth involved in the conversation surrounding the color of Archie's skin. 


The 99-year-old's 4-week-long visit to the medical facility is not the first time he has had to be admitted to receive more urgent care, but it has been his longest stay. 

Prince Philip and Queen Elizabeth received COVID-19 vaccinations before the duke was admitted to hospital in the middle of February, and the palace ruled out virus-related illnesses as the initial cause for his hospitalization.