Daily Joke: A Phone Rings in Dr Stein's House at 10 pm

Dayna Remus
Mar 21, 2021
08:55 A.M.

Sometimes relationships experience a breakdown in communication and sometimes one partner simply tells a white lie - the same is true for this naive wife and her sneaky husband Dr. Stein.


Doctors all have important work to do, from saving lives to curing ailments. However, this one medical professional seemed to be up to some mischievous tricks, pulling the blindfold over his poor spouse's eyes.

It was 10:00 in the evening when the phone rang in Dr. Stein and his partner's house. Dr. Stein's wife quickly answered the phone, only to be met by another medical professor, Dr. Gold's voice.

The unknowing wife promptly handed the phone to her husband. She told him that it was Dr. Gold on the phone, handing him the device and expressing her deep hopes that the phone call isn't due to an unfolding emergency.

Promptly taking the phone into his hands, Dr. Stein asked what was going on, seeming concerned. Dr. Gold assured him that everything was okay and that he is not, in fact, calling him for reasons related to work.


Continuing, Dr. Gold explained that he was at his home having a game of poker with Dr. Kosiner as well as Dr. Lewis. He explained that they needed one more player for the game asking Dr. Stein if he wants to join, saying:

"We’re short one player so we thought you might like to come over and join us?"


Dr. Stein, putting on a stern voice and giving off the impression that something was wrong, said he would be there immediately. His wife, worried about what may have happened, asked her husband what was going on to which he responded:

"It’s very serious. They’ve already called three doctors."

If you like this joke then you certainly do have a dry sense of humor, after all, relationships and marriage always make for some of the best laughs when joking around with friends and family.

These types of jokes come in all shapes and sizes, from a husband lying to his wife about poker to weddings with a humorous twist. If this is what tickles your funny bone, read these three jokes about marriage.

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