March 22, 2021

Story of the Day: Girl Chooses Adoptive Family after Birth Parents Spent Ages Looking for Her

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Shirley is a 15-year-old from Idaho who was adopted shortly after her birth by a loving couple. They love her so much, and they have two biological children who love her too.

Shirley's adopted parents, Alex and Christine, don't know why her biological parents abandoned her. But she's content in her life right now, which is why not finding out the answer didn't bother her.

However, after 15 years, her biological parents found a way of reaching out to her. Shirley's not quite sure how they've done this, given they only know her first name and not her last.

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They opened a box of baby photos and showed Shirley the remarkably similar picture to the baby photo her adoptive parents have. Shirley thus concluded that they are truly her biological parents.

Shirley's biological parents, Jack and Nancy, suggested meeting up last week, and she was given the go-ahead to do so from Alex and Christine two days ago. They were very kind to her.

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Shirley eventually found out why she was abandoned. Her parents were from devout Mormon families and did something wrong before they were married, which is a big deal in their religion.

But Shirley told them that they might be her birth parents, but they are not her family.

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Jack and Nancy then decided to hide her from their families so that they wouldn't find out. They made the tough decision to give her up but promised to search for her once they were married.

Nevertheless, Jack and Nancy struggled to find Shirley's family and where she currently lived since the place she was adopted from wasn't going to just hand that information to them.

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Having explained everything to Shirley, they made her feel like she belonged to them since they are now ready for her. But Shirley told them that they might be her birth parents, but they are not her family.

Nancy told her: "Do you really wish to mistreat us after all we've gone through looking for you? We spent 15 years looking for you, we made a mistake, we won't do this to you again!"

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Still, Shirley resisted, telling them no, and called Alex and Christine to pick her up. On the way home, she told them everything. She also blocked Jack and Nancy's phone numbers.

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