March 21, 2021

Daily Joke: An Elderly Couple Had Dinner at Another Couple's House

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An elderly couple had dinner at another couple's house, and the men got talking. Here is how the discussion went. 

An elderly couple visited another couple in their house for dinner. After dinner, the women went into the kitchen while their husbands remained at the table and got to talking. One of them said,

"Do you know there is a new restaurant around the corner? My wife and I had dinner there some days ago and it was awesome. If you ask me, I recommend them to anyone."

An old couple enjoying each others company . | Photo: Pexels/Pixabay


The other man, interested in the discussion, asked, "Do you know what the name of the restaurant is?"

The first man thought about it and tried recalling the name of the restaurant. After several attempts at remembering the name, he asked, "Do you remember what the name of that flower you give somebody you love? The one with red petals and thorns."

"Are you referring to a rose?"

A portrait of a senior couple relaxing on a sofa. | Photo: Shutterstock


"That's the one," the man replied. He then looked towards the kitchen and called out to his wife, "Rose, do you remember the name of the restaurant we had dinner at two days ago?"

Here is another joke about a couple who was asleep in their home when they were disturbed by a loud bang on their door early in the morning. 

An old couple walking in the park. | Photo: Shutterstock


There was a drunk stranger at the door asking for a push. The man refused to help him, but his wife reminded him of a time when their car broke down and two men came to their rescue. 

So the man decided to help the drunk stranger. He went out and asked the stranger if he still needed the push. The stranger answered, "yes." The man then asked the stranger where he was. And he replied,

"over here on the swing."

A drunk man at the bar | Photo: Shutterstock


Here is another quick joke about a silly drunk and a talking clock. A drunk man took some of his friends to the new apartment he had just gotten. When they got to his apartment, he led them to check out his bedroom. 

In his bedroom, there was a huge brass gong. On seeing the gong, one of his friends asked what the huge gong was for. He said it was a talking clock, not a gong. 

Friends toasting with shots of tequila in a bar. | Photo: Getty Images


His friends asked for a demonstration, and the drunk obliged them. He picked a hammer and struck the pound with so much vigor. Then he stepped back and looked at his friends. 

All of a sudden, somebody living on the other side of the wall shouted, "You idiot, it's twenty minutes past five in the evening."

A bartender pouring a drink at the bar. | Photo: Pexels


Here is one last joke about a drunk. A drunk met two priests on his way out of a bar. He walked up to them and introduced himself as Jesus Christ. Both priests disagreed with him. 

So he decided to prove himself. He returned to the bar with the two priests by his side. Immediately the bartender noticed him, he said, "Jesus Christ, you've returned."

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