March 23, 2021

Kyle Van Noy's Personal Life — Did You Know He Was Adopted and His Wife Is Former Miss Utah?

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NFL star Kyle Van Noy's biological mother put him up for adoption, and today he and his wife Marissa Powell work to remove the stigma so many adopted children feel.

Kyle Van Noy's life is blessed. The two-time Super Bowl champion believes that blessing began on the day he was born, and his mother gave him up for adoption. Waiting in the wings were Layne and Kelly Van Noy.

They adopted the baby boy and named him Kyle. Years later, Kyle would meet the beautiful Marissa Powel, and when he confessed the central truth of his life -- his adoption -- he was stunned by her reaction. 

Kyle Van Noy in 2017 in Detroit, Michigan | Source: Getty Images



The one word that seems to crop up a lot in conversations with Kyla and the Van Noys is "blessed." It could be that they are all deeply devout -- Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints -- but instead it's what they truly feel about each other.

The Van Noys were already parents to a son, Travis, when they welcomed baby Kyle into their lives. As he grew up Kyle started to notice that he didn't look like his parents of his brother, which led to the inevitable question: who am I.

Kyle has confessed that, even though he is comfortable with who he is, he would one day like to meet his biological family.



Kyle's parents responded truthfully and matter-of-factly. Yes, he was adopted, but he was theirs in every way that mattered. It was their love, Kyle admits, that made him the confident man he is today. He revealed:

"It [adoption] wasn't that big of a deal. No one acted weird or different about it. You just kind of rolled with it."



While attending BYU in Utah, Kyle met Marissa Powell, who would go on to be the third runner-up in the 2013 Miss USA pageant, as Miss Utah. During one of their first dates, Kyle revealed that he was adopted, and was stunned by her response.

Marissa casually replied that her father was adopted too, and so was her younger brother. For Marissa adoption is a natural way for a family to grow, and that is the very attitude the couple wants to foster among adoptees.


In 2014 Kyle and Marissa married, six months after a romantic proposal in the presence of their closest friends, with Kyle kneeling on a heart made of rose petals and popping the question, ring in hand. 

After a lifetime of wondering what it is like to have a blood relative, Kyle held his newborn son Trae in his arms in September 2019. Neither Kyle nor Marissa wanted to know his gender before birth, so he was a big surprise.



Adoption is something Kyle and Marissa have been talking about, offering another child a home, and in the meanwhile, they created a foundation that reaches out to adoptees and at-risk children. Kyle explained:

"We want to give kids that may not have had a Christmas a chance to enjoy the holidays, open up presents, and enjoy holiday cheer."


Kyle has confessed that, even though he is comfortable with who he is, he would one day like to meet his biological family, especially any siblings he might have. His curiosity is also fueled by wanting to know the family's medical history.

That is always one of the concerns of an adoptee, especially those who have biological children of their own. But despite the "wanting to know," Kyle Van Noy believes he is with the family he was meant to be with -- and he is blessed.