March 27, 2021

Daily Joke: A Man Was Walking in the Street When He Heard a Voice Warning Him of Danger

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A man walks down the street when his guardian angel appears to save him from some terrible accidents, but the man is inquisitive about why the angel has only appeared now. 

A 34-year-old John was strolling down the street, on his way back from buying coffee at the local coffee shop, when a voice giving strange instructions appeared from behind him. 

The instructions were paired with strong warnings about what would happen if John didn't carry them out immediately, which left him obeying the voice calling from behind. 

Man walking down the street | Source: Pexels/ Mary Taylor


As John rounded the corner, he heard the voice call out to him loudly, saying, "If you don't stop right now, a brick will fall on your head." Alarmed by the warning, John stopped walking, and a brick fell right in front of him. 

Once more, the voice demanded that the young man stop before he crossed the street because a car would hit him, and just as John stopped in his tracks, a car zoomed past him. 

Man looking up as he walks down the street. | Source: Pexel/ Taryn Elliot


Shocked by what he was experiencing, John looked around him, asking who was speaking to him. The voice responded that it was his guardian angel. Dismayed, the man replied

"Where were you when my wife was making her way down the aisle towards me?"

Tequila shots standing on a counter. | Source: Pexel/ Isabella Mendes


If this joke made you laugh, then you will enjoy the one about André's tequila wish. André, a Mexican man, was also making his way down the street when he accidentally kicked an empty bottle lying in front of him. 

As the bottle rolled away, a Genie made his way out of the neck of the abandoned bottle and appeared in front of André. Surprised, André stood staring at the magic being. 

Tequila shots raised up. | Source: Pexel/ Isabella Mendes


 The Genie turned to the Mexican and asked him what one wish was that he would like the Genie to grant him. Without a moment of hesitation, André replied that he would like to urinate tequila to drink it whenever he liked. 

The magic man granted him his wish, and André rushed home to test if it really worked. He asked his wife to get out the glasses, and after peeing in them, they discovered that the wish had indeed worked its magic. 

A shot of alchol on the counter. | Source: Pexel/ Tara Winstead


After work the next day, André arrived home and asked his wife to remove one glass from the cupboard so that he could produce tequila for the evening. 

When the Mexican's wife asked why she should only remove one glass instead of two so that both of them could enjoy the strong liqueur, André replied

"Because tonight, my wife you will be drinking from the bottle!" 

Shot of alcohol. | Source: Pexel/ Wendy Wei

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