March 27, 2021

Story of the Day: A Man Wants to Kick Out Brother and His Wife with Their Newborn Baby

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A couple of weeks ago, Albert announced his intention to evict his brother Roel and his wife Lana with their newborn. But why? Here's a little backstory.

In September of 2020, Roel and Lana, who was pregnant at the time, were evicted from her mother's house. Roel then asked Albert if they could move in with him for a few months.

Roel promised his brother they would find a new place to move to once he found a new job. It was alright with Albert, so Roel and his wife Lana moved in with him the next day.

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Albert arranged them on a fold-out couch in the living room. After several months, Roel remained unemployed but kept telling Albert he was still looking for a job. He was not so lucky yet, he said.

Albert understood him — the only problem was that Roel and Lana refused to clean and made such a mess. In recent weeks, Gina, Albert's wife, had become increasingly disappointed with them.

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One day, Albert asked his brother to find a job, even if it was as simple as working at a fast-food restaurant. He advised him to take any job he could find since that was better than none at all.

Albert also reminded Roel that his baby was on the way, so he needed to get a job. Well, Lana gave birth to their first child, a boy, two weeks ago. But Roel had still not managed to secure a job.

It was only when Roel got the car that the problem began.

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After five months, Roel was hired by a construction company after Albert continued to tell him to find a job. Roel worked for a month without much problem and was finally paying rent.

Albert asked Roel how long it would take him to be ready to move. Roel responded that he wouldn't be sure because he would be buying a car. This was not bothering Albert since it was vital to his job.

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It was only after Roel got the car that the problem became evident. He stopped going to work; he drove all day and night instead and slept when it was time for work. His car seemed to be his whole life now.

Albert decided to ask Roel what was going on, and all he could say was, "don't worry, I still have a job." Then Roel would shut him down if he continued. Albert's anger towards his brother arose from there.

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Then, one day, Roel was fired, and he claimed to have no savings. Albert had such disappointment with his brother that he decided to kick him and his wife out of the house with their newborn.

He gave Roel only one month to find a place to live. What are your thoughts on Albert's decision? Tell us in the comments section below. Also, read this story about a teen couple and their baby.