March 23, 2021

Meet Comedian Gary Owen's Wife of 17 Years, Kenya Duke, Who Just Filed for Divorce

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Gary Owen's wife, Kenya Duke, has filed for divorce after more than a decade of marriage— find out who she is and where things stand between them.

Gary Owen's wife, Kenya Duke, is calling it quits. The house flipper reportedly filed paperwork for a divorce even though a reason has not been revealed. The pair are also keeping quiet about the topic, seemingly unbothered that their private affairs are now a public spectacle. 

Many people know Owen from his famous stand-up routines. However, not many are familiar with his wife even though most of his performances have been based on the dynamics of his relationship with her and their kids. 


Actors Gary Owen and Michael Ealy visit 106 & Park at BET studio in New York City | Photo: Getty Images

The pair tied the knot in a near-disastrous ceremony held in 2003, and they share three kids; two sons and a daughter. The court documents filed by Duke listed all three children as adults.


Since both parties are yet to comment on the news, speculations are all there are as their fans struggle to wrap their heads around the revelation. 


Many thought the pair were doing okay; Duke's Instagram page is littered with shots of them over the years, giving an illusion that assured all was well in paradise. 

Duke plays an active role in her children's lives, often smothering them in the process.


Just last year, Duke shared a shot of them, and in the captions that accompanied the post, she revealed that they were enjoying their lives, and do not care about what people thought. 

Duke and Owen have always been couple goals to some people, and their divorce will certainly be a sad thing to witness. The pair initially met at a comedy club in LA.


Duke noticed Owen because he was the only white man to go up the stage, and he got a standing ovation. The following week, Duke returned to the club with her friends.

However, she was unimpressed by his performance, and she said as much to him. Still, she made sure he didn't leave without getting her digits. 

He called her, played her a famous pickup line, and they quickly hit it off. Before they wed, she was already mother to a boy named Emilio.


After their marriage, they welcomed a girl named Kennedy and a boy named Austin. Duke plays an active role in her children's lives, often smothering them in the process.

Her bio on Instagram introduces her with a couple of valid titles, including "wife," "mother," "house-flipper," and "entrepreneur." Fans hope Duke and Owen can work things out, but it is up to them to decide.