March 23, 2021

Two Separate Incidents of Shooting in Texas Nightclub Cause Death of a Woman, 21, & 12 Injuries

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Two separate shootings in a nightclub in Texas led to one woman's death, leaving twelve hospitalized with moderate to major injuries.

It was a dark weekend in the city of Texas as the crime rate seemed to take a new turn. Police recorded two separate shootings on Saturday, leaving a total of thirteen casualties in tow, including a fatal victim.

The first shooting played out in Dallas, leaving a woman fatally injured, with seven hospitalized. Meanwhile, five casualties resulted from the second, none of whom ended up dead.

A man walking in a dark alley | Photo: Pexels



At about 4:15 a.m. on Saturday, the Houston Police received reports of a shooting at a club on 10200 North Freeway. In a statement released on Twitter, the department confirmed that five casualties resulted from the incident. It reads:

"Shooting: 10200 North FWY. Five shots after disturbance inside the club. All transported to area hospitals. #hounews CC8."

Investigations revealed that the shooting resulted from an argument. However, it remains unclear if the victims were targeted or simply got hit randomly by stray bullets.

A pictured of the crime scene in Atlanta. March 2021. | Photo: Twitter/JonShirek



Hours before the Houston nightclub attack, an earlier shooting took place inside the Pryme Nightclub in Dallas, Texas, just before 1:30 a.m. It began with an altercation between two groups.

The Police employ the help of the public in identifying and locating the suspects in both cases.

One of the assailants brought out a handgun and started shooting sporadically into the crowd before fleeing the scene. Eight people suffered injuries in the attack, including a 21-year-old Latin woman, Daisy Navarrete, who eventually succumbed to her wounds.




Emergency responders transported the Dallas incident victims, aged 18-46, to hospitals within the locality. Although the suspects remain at large, images pulled from the CCTV footage offer glimpses of the assailant.

While no killing resulted from the Houston shooting, one of the casualties, who sustained a gunshot wound to his neck, remains critical. Meanwhile, the hospital listed the four other victims in stable conditions.


Investigations into both incidents remain in the works. The Police employ the help of the public in identifying and locating the suspects in both cases.


The crime rate seems to be on the rise in the United States in recent times, most happening in leisure facilities. Earlier this month, a similar incident happened in Atlanta, Georgia, leaving eight people dead.


It involved three separate spas in the city on the same night in alleged robbery attacks. Four fatal victims resulted from the first attack; three died in the second operation.

The third incident left one more fatal victim in its wake. Six of the deceased were Asian women, according to the reports obtained. Following investigations, officers apprehended one suspect, Robert Aaron Long, who matched the assailant's description.

He faces four counts of murder and one count of aggravated assault in connection with the fatal raid. The 21-year-old, who waived his rights to an attorney, remains held without bond at Cherokee County jail.