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Man Describes What Happened as His Grandkids Witnessed the Shooting at a Colorado Grocery Store

Joe Akins
Mar 23, 2021
09:20 A.M.

Steve Staeger, a grandfather to two teenage girls who escaped from the Colorado grocery store shooting, narrated their experience to reporters.


On Monday, many people feared for their lives after a shooting erupted at a grocery store in Colorado. Two teenage girls were caught in the shooting and hid in a closet upstairs for an hour before being rescued by police.

The girls' grandfather, Staeger, narrated their ordeal to NBC, revealing that they were at the King Soopers in Boulder. They were with their father, who was receiving a COVID-19 vaccine shot.

An aerial view of the crime scene from the Colorado supermarket shooting, March 22, 2021. | Photo: Twitter/ABC7NY

An aerial view of the crime scene from the Colorado supermarket shooting, March 22, 2021. | Photo: Twitter/ABC7NY

According to Staeger, when the shooting started, the girls' father got them down. They ran upstairs and hid in a coat closet for an hour. The girls hid within the coats.

Staeger explained that the girls communicated with their mom (his daughter) via phone. They were texting her when the cops came in through the roof and protected them.


The girls, who are 13 and 14, escaped via the back of the business. Staeger talked to the youngest of them and said she was acting strong. However, he emphasized that it was traumatizing for them, adding:

"I'm really concerned for their mental and emotional health."


The concerned grandpa further described the girls as great and super solid kids who have good parents but noted that the incident would be a hurdle for them to get over.

The shocked Borowski further said he never imagined he would be in a shooting in Boulder.

Meanwhile, one of the persons who witnessed the grocery store shooting, Ryan Borowski, told CNN that he was there to buy a bag of chips and a soda when he heard bangs within the store and ran for his life. He said:

"We just all ran to the back of the store and out the back door, and employees showed us the way."

Borowski further said the people running away told employees what was happening and that everyone helped each other and ran to safety as quickly as possible.


Reporters asked Boroski if he could see where the gunshots were coming from, and he said he did not see any shooter but only terrified faces running in his direction.

It was then that he also started running. The shocked Borowski further said he never imagined he would be in a shooting in Boulder because it feels like America's safest spot.

Ten people, including Boulder police officer Eric Talley, died in the shooting after a gunman opened fire at the grocery store. One person has been taken into custody following the shooting.

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