March 23, 2021

P Diddy's Stepson Quincy Talks about His Late Mom Kim Porter & the Role She Played in His Life

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Quincy Brown, actor, singer, and stepson to a legendary rapper, is at the forefront of the celebration of Women's History Month, making his late mom the center of his campaign.

29-year-old Quincy Brown shared a video on Instagram in line with his recent campaign with Google to celebrate all women. The clip showed the icon donning a customized purple shirt as he reminisced about his mom, Kim Porter, and the role she played in his life.

He recounted how the late Porter loved him unconditionally and let him know his personal qualities made him unique. Brown also honored the late model with his purple ensemble, which was her favorite color.


Sean "Diddy" Combs at TimesTalks Presents: An Evening with Sean "Diddy" Combs on September 20, 2017. | Photo: Getty Images

Via the caption, he paid tribute to all women worldwide, giving a special shout-out to Porter. The actor also granted an interview with People, where he explained his decision to make his mom the focus of his campaign. He divulged:


"I chose to highlight my mom because she definitely was, and still is the most important woman in my life."


Going further, the singer reflected on how much his mom's impact influenced him so much that he could talk about her every day. Remarkably, Porter also had the same impact on her three other children, her son Christian and twin daughters, Jessie and D'Lila.

While the late trailblazer shared Brown with singer-songwriter AI B. Sure, she welcomed her three other kids with legendary rapper P Diddy. The rapper went on to adopt Brown as his relationship with the model blossomed.

In 2019, the singer collaborated with his brother, Christian, to release "Options."


Following Porter's passing from a lung infection in 2018, Diddy kept up with his fatherly responsibilities to all their children. He admitted in a 2019 interview that Porter's dying wish was for him to look after their kids.

He has since done so in his full capacity. Brown has been open about his life, growing up as part of Diddy's family. He once explained how the privilege opened him up to several opportunities which made him the man he is today. He reflected:

"Everything that I’ve been through, all the cities that I’ve grown up in, all of that creates the person you see."


True to his words, his stepdad's influence has played a huge role in his success. Last year, Diddy gave his stepson a heads up in the world of stardom when he named him one of the judges in his MTV show, "Making the Band."

He also listed sons Christian Combs and Justin Combs as part of the judges' tour, keeping the lineup within the family. Given their musical background, the trio certainly earned the mandates.

Brown has been at his A-game in the musical industry, releasing several hit songs. In 2019, the singer collaborated with his brother, Christian, to release "Options," proving his musical talent.

With his mom serving as an inspiration, the 29-year-old continues on his journey to foster togetherness and understanding through the universal language of music.