March 28, 2021

Dr Laura Berman and Husband Samuel Open up about Life after Their Son's Tragic Death

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Dr. Laura Berman and her husband Samuel Chapman lost their son Sammy last month to a drug overdose on Fentanyl-laced Xanax. The couple recently shared how they are dealing with their loss since the tragic incident.

TV host Dr. Laura Berman and her spouse Samuel Chapman got candid about losing their 16-year-old son Samuel in early February. The couple spoke to “True Crime Daily” podcast host Ana Garcia about their son’s death.

Berman recalled when they had discovered their son’s lifeless body in his room. She revealed that the police were still at their home when she had gotten in touch with Sammy's friend. 

Laura Berman arrives at the Oprah Winfrey Network Winter 2011 TCA Party at The Langham Huntington Hotel on January 6, 2011 in Pasadena, CA | Photo: Shutterstock


The 51-year-old disclosed that his friend had sent her a screenshot which showed that he purchased drugs through an advertisement on Snapchat from a dealer. The dealer's social media handles were visible, and she quickly rushed to the police, who were outside her yard.

However, according to Berman, the officials told her that they do not want to get her hopes up as social media profiles do not help when it comes to such crimes. The officers said that the perpetrators usually take down their online profiles and create another one with different details.


“Not only did I just start dying with grief, as you can imagine, but the helplessness and rage kicked in, and that was too much to hold," she said. Berman shared that according to the police, their hands were tied.

They informed her that it would take months to give her an update because of the toxicology report, which generally takes months. Berman revealed that she did not even know what fentanyl is and how dangerous it could be before the incident.


Regarding how they have been handling their son’s death, Sammy’s father said they have been through all the emotions and even suffered from PTSD. "I think if there weren't some PTSD and some lingering nervousness, sadness, and anger, we wouldn't be human," he shared.

Chapman reportedly talked about discovering his son’s body and revealed that he had to resuscitate Sammy. "That's what we walked in on. I had to resuscitate my own son, or at least try to until the paramedics got here…no one should have to go through that," said Chapman.


Chapman and Berman are not the only ones going through the traumatic experience. According to Entertainment Tonight, Chapman revealed his and his wife's two other older sons Ethan and Jackson, are also devastated after losing their younger brother.

He explained that one gets nervous and is anxious about accidentally dying because his brother did, and the other is triggered by all of the murder stories shown on television.


According to Page Six, Chapman and Berman revealed last month that they regularly drug-tested their son before overdosing. Berman further disclosed that Sammy had previously experimented with cannabis several months prior.

She added that she and her spouse took drastic measures after finding out about the experiment and had zero-tolerance. Berman shared they got him a drug counselor and a therapist he met with once a week. Sammy reportedly never did anything beyond marijuana before his death. 


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