8-Year-Old Girl Killed after a Shooter Opened Fire on a Car in Southeastern Louisiana City

Jené Liebenberg
Mar 24, 2021
09:40 A.M.
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An eight-year-old girl sustained fatal gunshot wounds and died after being rushed to Chabert Hospital. The Houma Police Department is investigating the homicide. 


An eight-year-old girl from a Southeastern Louisiana city, Houma, died after sustaining fatal gunshot wounds. The homicide is under investigation as the police are trying to track down the suspect. 

The authorities responded to a call reporting a shooting around 8:30 p.m. on Monday in the area of Main Street in Houma and shortly after received information that the girl was transported directly to Chabert Hospital. 

Police sirens. | Source: Pexel/ Pixabay



The Houma Police Department released a statement on Facebook reporting on the incident and provided the information they have thus far. It reads

"The Houma Police Department is in the infant stages of working the homicide of an 8-year-old female who succumb to injuries resulting from gunshot wounds."

The little girl sustained the gunshot wounds that resulted in her death while driving in a car with an adult woman and man. They drove her to the hospital after the gunman opened fire on the car, where the eight-year-old was pronounced dead.



The police have been piecing what happened together with witnesses reporting that a light-colored sedan was tailing a dark-colored compact car, the vehicle that the girl was in. 

The little girl, Laurianne Walker, was shot multiple times after an argument took place over spilled water. 

The person in the sedan then opened fire on the compact car. The pair in the car that was shot at drove away and headed straight to Chabert Hospital, where the little girl was pronounced dead. 



Police Chief Dana Coleman provided insight into the authorities' information on the homicide thus far, saying that four to six gunshots were fired on the compact car. 

Coleman also expressed shock about the incident that took the life of the eight-year-old girl. The police chief shared the following while asking for anyone who knows more about the homicide to come forward: 

"This is heartbreaking, this is senseless and this hits to the core. We have an innocent child that's the victim of senseless violence." 



The police are working with the little information that they have and have been unable to identify a suspect or a reason for why the shooting occurred thus far. 

Coleman shared that together with the team of detectives, he is asking for justice for the little girl and needs anyone who knows more to share what they know with the authorities. 

A six-year-old in Pasadena, Texas, was also killed earlier this month. The little girl, Laurianne Walker, was shot multiple times after an argument took place over spilled water

The suspect is said to be a relative of the victim's mother and has been tracked down after fleeing the scene after the shooting took place. 


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