March 25, 2021

Story of the Day: Man Cuts Daughters' Hair Really Short as He Was Not Prepared to Deal with It

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It has been quite some time since Mark Baker cut his daughter's hair really short as he could not handle the complexities of styling it, leaving him to deal with his family's dissatisfaction.

35-year-old Mark Baker is dad to three beautiful girls, all young. His oldest, Mabel, is age 8. Stella and Sydney are 6 and 5, respectively. Four years ago, the Bakers lost Tessa, their mom, to cancer.

Ever since, they have been raised by their hardworking father and loving family members, especially their maternal relatives. A few months ago, Mark was faced with a hard decision concerning his daughter's hair—they are biracial and have curly hair.


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According to him, he worked a hectic schedule at work. Being the manager made it more tasking and pertinent to keep an eye on his clients and employees.


Apart from that, Tessa's older sister, who often helped the girls with their hair by taking them to salons, is a health worker. The global pandemic robbed the kids of this luxury as their aunt moved four hours away for a job.

This became necessary, especially as Covid-19 struck, forcing some businesses to shut down and others to adopt working online platforms. In this case, Tessa's sister had to move.

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Now, all Mark had to do was take the girls to style their hair as it really grew long and looked unkempt or help them with it. The better option was the latter because he could not book appointments as many beauty parlors around him were closed.

The father of three decided to follow his instincts by self-caring for his daughter's hair. He dedicated one weekend to watching Youtube videos, bought clippers and scissors.

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In no time, the Baker patriarch was down to business; he cut their hair short. This was not welcomed by Mabel, whose hair was the longest and takes time to grow.

The 8-year-old did not mince words in expressing her hurt to daddy. It has been nearly five months, and she still feels upset even though her hair is growing well.

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Her aunt recently visited, and as usual, took the girls to a salon to style their hairs, and they explained how their father changed their looks by cutting their hair. When they returned home, Mark's sister-in-law confronted their dad.

She accused him of being insensitive since he is white—Tessa was black. Mark apologized and explained that he was out of ideas and could not deal with the hair situation.

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They eventually settled, but his sister-in-law maintained that he was wrong to cut his kids' hair. Do you think differently? What do you think could have been Mark's best option?

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