March 25, 2021

CNN's Don Lemon Reveals Where His Wedding Plans Stand with Fiancé Tim Malone Amid the Pandemic

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Don Lemon, a renowned broadcast journalist, recently shared his thoughts about his wedding plans with his fiancé Tim Malone in an interview with People.

One of the most brilliant news anchors on "CNN Tonight," Don Lemon, recently updated his wedding plans with his fiancé Tim Malone. The admiring couple have been engaged since 2019. 

Since their engagement, Lemon and Malone's relationship remains beautiful and intact. According to an interview with People, the 55-year-old broadcast journalist has stated that the wedding is "still on."

Don Lemon speaks at Harvard University Kennedy School of Government Institute of Politics in February 2019. | Photo: Getty Images


However, Lemon admitted that while their plans on getting married continue, he and the 36-year-old real estate agent stopped talking about it. Lemon said in the interview:

"We just decided not to talk about it until the pandemic is over..."

Besides the ongoing pandemic, the acclaimed news anchor added that there are more "important things" to attend to, based on what is currently happening in the world.



Instead of focusing on their upcoming wedding, Lemon and Malone chose to live and enjoy each other's lives. They have kept their space safe despite the difficult times around them.

On weekends, Lemon and Malone would go on romantic date nights. The couple would also make their best effort to wear fancy clothes, even if they only walked and sat down at the plaza.


Since Lemon announced his engagement to Malone two years ago, inquiries about their wedding date started to come in. Amidst the pressures, the multi-awarded journalist said he and Malone are in no rush because they are enjoying their "moment of bliss."

Lemon made sure his fiancé felt loved and appreciated last Valentine's Day despite the pandemic.


Earlier, social media followers and fans gush about the proposal Malone made to Lemon. Lemon shared on his Instagram feed about the sweet proposal his fiancé made for him. 

The "This Is the Fire" book author shared that their dogs, Boomer and Barkley backed Malone's proposal. They wore dog tags inscribed with the words: "Daddy will you marry Papa?" 


Lemon and Malone were among the celebrities whose weddings were affected by the global health crisis. While the couple chose not to discuss their wedding plans, they continued to give each other sweet surprises.

Lemon made sure his fiancé felt loved and appreciated last Valentine's Day despite the pandemic. He gave him a precious gift that made his Instagram fans feel envious.