April 04, 2021

Daily Joke: An Older Gentleman Was Driving along a Highway

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An older gentleman was driving down the road at the speed of 21km/h. He was enjoying the cool wind on his face when he heard a police car siren close by.

Eager to meet his little grandkids, Mr. Keen was driving down the Toowoomba Connection Road at 21km/h.  

Mr. Keen pulled the window down and felt the cool air on his face. He closed his eyes for a split second and smiled. 

A highway. | Source: Pexels/RicardoEsquivel


A policeman appeared out of nowhere and started following him. The officer had received a call about the driver, and he was meaning to pull him over. 

Mr. Keen was pulled over by the police officer. The officer was walking towards the car when Mr. Keen popped his head out of the window.


"I was not speeding, officer. The speed limit is 21km/h," he confidently said. "I was not speeding."

"I did not pull you over for speeding, sir," the officer said. "I pulled you over for going too slow."


Mr. Keen looked at the police officer with a puzzled look. "But the sign said 21," he said. 

The police officer shook his head. "Sir, the sign meant you were on the A21," he explained. 


Mr. Keen shook his head. The police officer shifted his focus on the back seat of the car and perked up his eyebrows. 

Three ladies were seated there with their mouths slightly open. Saliva ran down their chins and their eyes were wide open. 


The women looked as pale as sheets of paper. Their hair was all over the place. The police officer looked at them one by one. None of them moved or looked back at him. 

The police officer did not know what to make of it. He leaned towards Mr. Keen and said in a whisper, "Sir, what is the story with these ladies? They all look a little... disturbing."

Mr. Keen let out a chuckle. "Well, we've just come off the A139."

Source: StartsAt60

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