Story of the Day: Woman Does Not Want to Let Her Sister Come to Her Wedding

Bettina Dizon
Mar 31, 2021
12:50 P.M.

Bea, 25, and Louise, 26, are in the middle of a feud after the older sister continuously makes insensitive racist jokes about Bea's fiance.


Bea and Louise, 25 and 26, have always been close siblings after being the only kids of their parents and being born a year apart. Since their younger years, the two shared personal things and never thought about being judged.

When Bea attended college, she met a guy, a Southeast Asian guy named Gabriel. They stayed friends for two years, but there was no denying that the two were perfect for each other. After talking nearly every day, the pair decided to start dating.

Everything went well, and like always, Bea talked to Louise about her new relationship. She also told her parents about Gabriel, who they accepted. However, Louise began joking about Gabriel’s race.

At first, the jokes were mild, such as not being able to see because of his chinky eyes and being made of 90% rice. Even after calling her out, Louise went on and noted that she was only joking.


Bea’s relationship with Gabriel furthered until he became comfortable with her family and vice versa. However, Louise did not stop with the racist jokes, which were clearly not entertaining for anyone.

Louise refused and stood by the fact that she was only joking, calling Bea sensitive for taking her comments seriously.


Gabriel always reminded Bea that everything was alright and that he did not want to be the reason for the sisters’ feud. For a while, Bea held her tongue until one day, Gabriel proposed to her.

Everyone was happy for the newly engaged couple, including Louise, but the comments never stopped. While planning for their wedding, she made more jokes and told Gabriel to open his eyes wide in photos.

Although trying to keep quiet, Bea snapped when Louise said that Gabriel’s family might bring the virus to the wedding and infect their guests and that she could still change her mind about who to marry.

Bea told Louise that she is no longer invited to their wedding despite her bridesmaid duties. Her sister told her she could only go if she stopped making comments and sincerely apologizes to Gabriel.


Louise refused and stood by the fact that she was only joking, calling Bea sensitive for taking her comments seriously. The siblings’ parents believe that Bea was overreacting and should not cut her sister out of the wedding, but the bride-to-be was not persuaded.

While a joke may be funny to a person, it can be offensive to others, as in the sisters' case. Do you think Bea made the right decision, or was it an overreaction? For another dilemma, read about why a woman rejected her bully’s apology after ten years.

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