April 02, 2021

Inside Tia & Tamera Mowry's Emotional Reunion after Being Apart Amid the COVID-19 Pandemic

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Tia and Tamera Mowry, both known for their childhood show "Sister Sister," spent months apart due to COVID-19. Tia recently opened up about her reunification with her twin. 

Opening up about her reunion with Tameria Mowry, Tia Mowry said she had finally been able to see her after about half a year being apart due to the pandemic. She admitted that it was an emotional experience for them.

Near the end of last year, before she finally managed to see Tamera again, Tia expressed that she had a bit of anxiety at the prospect of seeing her sister after such a long period. She said that she knew they were going to cry. 


Tia and Tamera Mowry at Essence Magazine's tribute to Lauryn Hill, Kirk Farnklin and others at the 1999 Essence Awards. | Photo: Getty Images


However, when the two finally saw each other in person after being apart, Tia's mood changed completely, as the actress seemed in high spirits. Expressing her delight regarding the meeting, Tia said


"We were so happy to see each other, and we hadn't seen each other in so long." 

Tia also conveyed that she was not only joyful to see Tamera but she was also ecstatic to see her niece Ariah and nephew Aden as the family had arranged for everyone to gather on Easter weekend. 



During isolation, Tia spoke about how she and her sister kept in kept in contact during quarantine, saying that they would chat online regularly to catch up. Speaking about the experience in her own words, the actress said

"We have a glass of wine, we talk about what's been happening." 

She also conveyed that they would constantly be sending text messages back and forth - about every second day. However, Tia admitted, she felt more connected when chatting via video due to the face-to-face contact.



Not only did Tia reunite with her twin sister, but she will also be moving forward with her comedy show "Real Family." In the new season, they will be having some Real Housewives on the show as guests, bringing more individuals back together. 

Due to a lack of role models in the media, Tia said she used to feel self-conscious about how she looked.

Tia only had good things to say when speaking about her guests. She claimed them to be a lot of fun, talented at acting, and an exceptionally professional bunch of women. 



Unafraid to express her authentic self, Tia embraced her aging tresses in a snapshot she bravely shared with social media during the last year. The actress has decided to stop covering up her grey hair. 

Fans and followers absolutely loved Tia's genuineness and courage to be her real self, especially online. So far, the stunning Instagram post has received just over 500,000 views in total. 


Although confident now, Tia and her sister had to deal with insecurities in the past. This was especially related to being a woman of color in the film and television industry and its perception of what being pretty is. 

Due to a lack of role models in the media, Tia said she used to feel self-conscious about her looks. However, as the world became more progressive and representation widened, she says she had learned to embrace her own beauty.