April 02, 2021

Story of the Day: Man's Girlfriend Went to a Sperm Donor to Have a Baby – What Happened?

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Having a baby can sometimes be a sensitive discussion between couples. It's not all the time both parties are excited to have one. Read this story about one such couple.

Miguel, 20, and Natalie, 19, have been together for five years. They recently dropped out of high school and took up jobs. Deeply in love, they decided to live together.

Natalie has been expressing her intent to have a baby. The couple talked about having a child in the future, but Miguel knows that they are still young and financially fragile.

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When Natalie said they would never know when they would become stable considering they were high school dropouts, Miguel told her they should be ready to have a baby when they were both 30 years old.

However, Miguel's world collapsed when Natalie told him one day that she went to a sperm bank and got herself inseminated. Miguel had come from an out-of-town gig.

A man in a state of shock. | Photo: Pixabay


Natalie's confession left him speechless. She said she intended to keep it a secret and fool him into believing it would be his baby. She explained that she was just frustrated.

He was furious, but he still loved her.


She said she could not wait ten years or so to have a baby. She was ready physically and emotionally. "I don't want to get old before having a baby," she told Miguel in between tears.

Miguel became angry after he recovered from his shock. "How dare you?" he blurted. He said she should not have made such a crucial decision by herself since they had decided to build a life together.

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Natalie said she was sorry, but she could not go back in time to undo what she had done. She said she would welcome her pregnancy if it ever happened after the insemination. 

She also told him that he could break up with her if that's what he wanted to do. Miguel did not know what to do. He was furious, but he still loved her. He could not imagine life without her.

But if Natalie became pregnant with another man's semen, Miguel didn't know if he would be able to accept it. He felt he was partly to blame for Natalie's hasty decision.

What do you think of this situation, dear reader? How would you feel if you were in Miguel's or Natalie's shoes? Share your thoughts in the comments. You may also find this related story interesting.