April 02, 2021

Today: Bishop Michael Curry Opens up after Watching Prince Harry & Meghan Markle's Interview with Oprah Winfrey

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The bishop who presided over the Duke and Duchess of Sussex's wedding in 2018 is urging everyone to keep the couple in their prayers. 

Bishop Michael Curry, who has a personal connection to Meghan Markle and Prince Harry, has revealed what his opinion is concerning the royal couple's tell-all interview with Oprah Winfrey that aired earlier in March. 

Curry took a graceful approach to all of the issues that were raised by the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, saying that both prayer and forgiveness are necessary when dealing with the repercussions of the interview.  

Screenshot of the video of Presiding Bishop Curry Easter Message 2021 from March 31, 2021. | Source: YouTube/ The Episcopal Church



Among the concerns raised by Markle were the racial comments made by members about the Duke and Duchess's children and the color of their skin. Still, Curry preached forgiveness in the wake of the tell-all saying

"You know what, we need to cut everybody some slack as they say on the streets and give them a break." 

The bishop is the first African American to serve as presiding bishop of the Episcopal Church and carries a special connection to the royal couple as he presided over their wedding ceremony in 2018. 



The bishop also asked the viewers to keep the Duke and Duchess of Sussex as well as the other members of the royal family in their prayers. Curry elaborated saying

"I invite everybody to pray for the two of them, pray for their family, pray for the U.K., pray for us all that we find a way to deal with past harms." 



Delivering the sermon at Prince Harry and his wife's wedding ceremony at Windsor Castle, Bishop Curry made history as the first American to preach at a British royal wedding. 

The moving message that Curry delivered on the royal couple's big day drew more attention to him than he could have expected so much so that he is now able to make royal commentary on issues surrounding Markle and her husband. 



Curry isn't the only member of the church that has been asked his opinion on Markle and Prince Harry's tell-all interview as the Archbishop of Canterbury. Justin Welby also had a thing or two to contribute to the conversation. 

Welby provided clarity on the revelation that Markle shared about her and Prince Harry tying the knot three days before the official ceremony in May 2018, saying that nothing official or legal happened prior to the Windsor ceremony. 


The commentary on the Duke and Duchess being elevated to an all-time high post-interview has sparked the idea to produce a movie covering their exit from the royal family. 

Lifetime is scheduled to start the production of their third installment to Prince Harry and Markle movie series in spring and is said to hit the air in fall. An inside perspective into the palace is the focus of the newest film.